January 21, 2012

Mini frame gallery for nursery

I realized awhile ago that half the things I pinned for Baby Room Inspiration were quotes that were framed or painted out. I thought about which ones I wanted to use, and how to use them.

While I don't have the time, money, or energy to make an entire photo gallery wall, I did have all of the above to make my own little niche above the crib to fill in some wall space.

I decided to pick my six favorite quotes and use them. I typed them up, changed fonts, changed more fonts, decided on a font, changed fonts again (I totally love fonts) and had six ready to go.

PS, as I get closer to baby I want more coffe. This morning I settled for a decaf vanilla coffee, which did the trick. It helped me with my work, even though I know it wasn't realllll caffienated goodness. Oh Double PS why is my laptop 7 years old?! I need a new one... but I digress....

Then I got busy printing. I practiced messed up a few about 15 times before I got it down. But after that, it was smooth sailing. Sort of.

Here were my materials.
A big level. I hate levels. I also hate measuring tapes- but I also used one. And a pencil. The picture hanging nails on the top right are a go-to ever since I tried to put pictures up with an 8 penny nail in the kitchen one day and destroyed our drywall. And since this is going over the crib, I took some advice from Katie over at Bower Power and bought 3M strips to secure the frames x 4 on all corners. Not only does this ensure the frames won't fall on baby, it ensures a toddler can't pull the frame off the wall. I should state that I can also not pull these frames off the wall, so I hope we like them.

 Oh IKEA, how I love thee. So much. These frames have 4x6 openings, but measure 6x9. They were $4 each. Where else can you get matted pretty nice looking frames for so cheap? I scooped up six.

I had to cut the quotes to the frame size, and then put them all in before I attempted the whole hanging thing. Another mess up and time suck? I put the matting on backwards three out of six times. Pregnancy brain, I tell you.

Okay the next part was so stressful it got zero pictures taken of it. The quick message is this: I hate hate hate levels because even when it says it is level it doesn't look level. I measured halfway on the crib and hung the two center frames on that line. I used a tape measure and level to draw out pencil marks where the other nails needed to go. And then that all went to hell in a handbasket at times, so I just said "Jamie, is THISSSS right?" "Okay how about thissss?" about 15 times. I think there may be a chance our walls our the crib is uneven. The finished product > the process. This took me like two hours to hang six frames. Not normal.

Here's the "mostly finished" product. I think in photos it looks less impressive than in real life- the photos don't seem to have the same punch they do in person. Maybe bad lighting or photography.

Here's the completed six pieces.

Love these quotes. And am loving the frame wall, even if it is a mini one. And the cost?
Level, tape measure= already owned.
Light grey heavy weight cardstock = already owned in my craft collection.
Printing = "free", but let's give it like $1.00 since I wasted a ton of ink.
$4 each for 6 frames= $24
3M sticky tabs x 2 = $7
Total = $32

Stay tuned, I also gave a quick makeover to a lamp for the baby room today, but the paint's still wet- and guess what is on it's way?!

Yes, it's still wrapped up in plastic to protect it, but that ladies and gentleman is my ever talked about baby chandelier! Can't wait to take photos tomorrow of the completed room!


  1. Meghan,
    I love your quotes for the baby's room, and I love you.


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