October 24, 2011

babies wake up if you give them soda and also, we got furniture!

Yesterday morning i was sitting on the couch wondering why baby dot wasn't moving. Baby is getting more consistent with her movements (late morning, before lunch when I am hungry, after dinner when I'm relaxing, bed time). I rarely feel her before 9 am. I think she likes to nap while I shower and get ready for work. Warm water, warm hairdryer, slow movement... sounds like a nice relaxing morning. But usually by 10 am, I feel little kicks and flutters. Sunday around 11 am I started to get a little nervous because I felt nothing. I realize at 22 weeks, not only is movement not consistent, it is not "normal" to have consistent movement yet. Anyway, being the me I am.. I decided to try to make her move. Most people drink pepsi or coffee, or eat some chocolate. Soda works. Thanks babycenter and every mom I know. Baby began kicking (towards Jamie's head where he was leaning against me) which cracked me up. She's been on the move since then. If this is just a sign she likes to sleep in on Sundays, sign me up!

In other news, we have baby furniture on the way. A crib, a glider, and a chandelier. What? A chandelier is necessary. It was from pottery barn kids, totally acceptable. And girly. And I ADORE IT. So much for gender neutral. This is sticking with our little one through her childhood.

My parents are fantastic and helped us out with some furniture buying too. My mom even convinced RH to deliver to us in about 2 months at a convenient date for us (online you just get one choice of delivery date). This is our crib that I am OBSESSED WITH. It was on the inspiration board.
 I KNOW. You love it too. It is perfect. I can't wait until the little one sleeps through the entiiiiiire night in this beautiful piece of furniture. I know, that's dreaming. But I can do that for now... And we got a glider. I don't have a picture of the exact glider because we custom ordered it for the colors we wanted. Here are the color swatches though.
Thank you mom for being my hand model. Here are the swatches. The white is the color of wood the glider will be and the light grey is the fabric. The dark grey (closest to camera) was voted off the island. I think if it was a boy that dark grey would have been a shoe-in, but I love the ligher color schema for a girl. Still no bright pinks and frills, but just neutral warm tones.
And here is the actual glider... not my most attractive moments, but good picture of what the glider will actually look like. It reclines, it glides, it has a footrest and a gliding ottoman. It was so comfy and I couldn't resist buying this one instead of a fully upholstered one, which was my initial plan. I want the baby to be comfy, but um I want to be comfy too.

Can't wait for it to all get here. Well, the chandelier arrived today actually. The glider & the crib will probably get here in December! Time to start working on transitioning those darn cats out of the current office/future baby room!!


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