October 30, 2011

Match.com and Neti Pot

One time, one of my friends dated a guy we referred to as "neti pot". I think he was a match.com find. Anyway, on date number let's say, 4, said guy brought his netti pot to my friend's house. And LEFT IT IN HER BATHROOM. You know, just in case he needed it. From that point forward, we called him "netti" or "netti pot" and if we are honest, after the few months their dating ended, I never remembered his real name again. I can picture his face. But all I see in my head is Neti Pot.

Anywho, I have heard many friends and fam tell me about the wonders of the neti pot since then. I've held off on it because I wasn't quite sure it was worth it. But my sinuses and headaches lately are out of control and I find myself squinting at the computer screen by 2:00pm at work because of the pain. This morning my parents came to visit, and my dad brought me a neti pot. He has sinuses like me (or maybe me like him, thanks dad) and said it works.

Here's the one my dad brought me. I thought, sure, why not?! So this evening, J is at the Union game because it's the play offs... and it's too cold for me out there. I have been sicky. Anyway, while he was gone I read these directions and gave it a go. I googled "neti pot" images and there were a bunch of people with smiling face with water coming out of their nose. I am going to say I looked more like this:

Confused, stuffy, swollen eyes half open, and feeling like this is the last resort.

So far, no results. Maybe I feel like my sinus passage is "clearer" I guess but the slamming pain in my eyes and face is sticking around for now. Maybe if I give it another try tonight before bed and then see how I feel in the morning...?

I am hoping neti pot + humidifier + tylenol/benedryl night time combo = functional tomorrow.

The things you can learn from match.com


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