October 29, 2011

truer words were never spoken...

My friend Sarah's blog links to her favorite blogettes. This morning, as I still lay in my bed (yes, it's 1:09pm, don't judge) I was perusing some lady bloggers and came across Ramshackle Glam on Sarah's page. I clicked... and little did I know I was going to find a new mommy blogger. But, this new mom looks damn good. Something to aspire to I suppose.

Anyway, I found myself reading a lot of her baby posts instead of choosing a stroller (worst decision maker ever, I might bring J to babys r us and say "pick one"). And this post just totally hit the nail on the head:

I cried in Babys R Us

Now, let's just be honest. It's not only if you are the first pregnant friend, because technically I am not the "first" of many groups. But it's when you're the closest first. Or just when your friends have never been pregnant before. And yes, on top of that, there are SO many decisions to make. And the fact that I was literally on babysrus.com reading reviews on so many strollers and carseats when I found this post was ironic. So many decisions to make! I do have to say, I am super thankful to my friends who support me and ask about baby and who actually care what kind of stroller I might pick (ahem, Kel, thanks for being on the lookout for me). And I adore when I get emails from my girlfriend Laurie with subjects like "you need this" or "I should have bought this". Because Laurie's little baby Logan is only 6 weeks old, so if anyone knows what I will need (with the small difference that L is in NYC and having to navigate the city and we're in the burbs) it is definitely Laurie.

Anyway, you never know what you might come across that makes you feel like someone gets it. And her last paragraph makes sense too. It's the best gift, it's always been a life dream. And yet, the throws of hormones and not knowing certainly bring their own challenges. I hope that I take the time to celebrate both, there will never be another time in life like this... and I'm thankful for it. So thanks baby girl Walls, you're already making me realize the importance of balance.

PS someone buy me a stroller and end my decision making.
Graco Metrolite.

Bumbleride Flyer

Maclaren Quest

So many choices! Oh! Also guess what I am working on? My blog post about my backpacking adventure to Europe after college, because I think every college grad (if you can) should do the same.

Stay safe i the rainy, snowy, weird weather out there this weekend! xo


  1. We have the bumbleride. There is an attachment so you can attach the car seat. I liked the versatility of it where the baby can face you or out and there is good storage below. Research suggests better language skills and bond if the baby faces you but once the baby can speak more it doesn't really matter. It's heavy and bulky but Liam napped in it and we loved it. When he got older we got a Maclaren for a smaller easier ride like when at the mall. We also have a jogger...just get over it you will have like 5 during her childhood. Eli

  2. First of all, I love the blog re-design and am obsessed with your grey/yellow/white nursery color choice. This stroller decision seems intense. I feel like it's like having to choose the makeup that you're going to wear everyday for like a decade. I'd have a meltdown.

    And how about me throwing a mommy-fashion blogger on my blogettes roll?! Sneaky. I love Jordan and ramshakleglam. And her honesty about everything! I also love that you stayed in bed until 1pm. Jealous.


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