October 23, 2011

Linvilla Take 2, face painting, chocolate cake.

Keller & Hazel came to visit this weekend and we decided to take the small trek back to Linvilla to explore a bit. It's amazing how fast kids grow. Last time we saw Hazey she was pulling herself up and occasionally making some babbling noises. Now she has a few real words (mama, dada, up! up!) and is running around on those two feet of hers. She is so adorable and so much more social and interactive now. Keller is as rambunctious and fun as ever (and smart.... so smart). Anyway, Linvilla was a great pick. Also, when we hang out with these kids, and when I see J with Hazel, I know what a good dad he will be to baby girl walls that is on her way. Makes me smile. Here's a few of my fav photos from our day of fun!

Oh yes, we ended the day with cake. Half chocolate, half vanilla since this family is split decision on flavors of desserts. I can't believe we've been married a year and that lil Hazey is one!

J and I often talk about where we would or would not move in our lives... but we realize more and more that being close enough to our family to visit on the weekends is really the best. Come back soon guys, we miss you already!


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