October 9, 2011

Sneak Peak: What We've been up to

By we.... I mean J and my dad, as per usual. I was up to baby & maternity shopping with mom. We had a hiatus from house work because we were really exhausted after the major happenings of the kitchen renovation- and I am somewhat limited to what I can do with child. But, this weekend we J got back to work. Here's what he was up to....

More to come upon finishing the details... but we went from choosing plain subway tile to spicing it up with some glass smaller color mixed tiles. A little busy with the countertops, but once we put the toaster and coffee maker and other things back, we think it will be a perfect fit.

A few other projects are in the works. Woohoo. This means baby's room will slowly start to be put together... ordered our glider today in grey & white! House Built of Walls is back at the actual house projects! So exciting!


  1. i just want to say i love the backsplash and those are some "fresh" jeans that jamie is sporting! fashionable and talented with renovations ;-)

  2. @Amii- those are the plastic jeans I have referred to before! HATE them! haha.

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