October 9, 2011

Future Mommy Mego & Wedding Season!

It is so crazy... lately, (well who are we kidding, lately means "over the past 3 years") we have had a bombardment of weddings and babies. I love every single minute of every single event. I was born to attend showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, baby visits. There's something nostalgic about everyone's individual day that make me a glutten for punishment (i.e buying new dresses, volunteering to make invitations. etc etc). And the upcoming year is no different. In fact, I have multiple friends due with babies around the same time as me. In fact, my friend Melissa  (our dads were college roommmates and we grew up feeding our baby dolls real baby food) is due just a few weeks after me. And I am sure one I start prenatal yoga classes in a few weeks, I'll have even more (What?! I can't help it, this friend making thing is why we have so many events to go to!). And the weddings and engagements are also piling up. I love it. I love knowing the people who I care about are getting their happily ever after. And I love the chance to catch up with friends huddled together for pictures in our sorority poses.

BUT guess what? As I sat chatting with my friend Haley in Barnes and Noble yesterday about her wedding planning, I realized.. for real... we will have a BABY during this year's wedding season! I mean, I already knew that. We've booked my mom as a babysitter for her wedding already and have planned to get extra hotel rooms because let's face it, I won't actually leave my baby for more than a day. She will just be a bit spoiled, but did anyone ever think otherwise? But yesterday, my mind wandered to what dresses I will fit in (!!), how I will manage to drink  champagne (oh dear god that sounds so good) and still feed baby, and how I will feel when I hand off baby overnight for the first time. But more than that, how we will have a little family to think about and not just J and myself lounging in a hotel bed post wedding brunches until 12pm when check out time rolls around on a Sunday morning.
(Although look! I was already holding little babies at my own wedding brunch. Hi Hazey!)
That doesn't mean I am not excited for wedding season, I actually can't wait. It means baby will be here, my friends will have even more happiness in their life, and that I will be successfully (let's hope) balancing family time and adult time complete with wine. Five weddings are on the books for next year... well sort of. I know we have 5, but only 3 dates are set in stone thus far. If you are my friend and still planning events, pick another date please. Okay thanks.

June 9- Haley & Frank tie the knot in the Princeton, NJ area.
September 22- Melissa & Scott are getting hitched in Seattle, WA (we've never been there, super excited)
October 13- Michael & Heather get married in NY.

Of these three weddings, my parents are invited to two. Fight now for your spot as a babysitter (this may mean we fly you to Seattle because I'm not leaving my child across the country). Who knew this is what happens when you grow up?

Baby Dot (that's what J has been calling her jokingly because both my grandmas are named Dorothy: we are not actually naming her that) will have the happiest parents when she gets here and we are so lucky to have the most supportive friends. Favorite comment when I told friends baby is a girl goes to J Freeman, who stated "SNAP BID!!" If you don't know what that means, you were not in greek life and may need some googling to help you out there. But hilarious.

Feeling lots of love this week. Can't wait for more big life events to come! xo


  1. After coming off my first wedding as a new mommy that not only did we attend, Joe & I were both part of the bridal party - I have lots of helpful thoughts on how to survive feeding baby, dealing with dresses, etc... When the time comes, we will discuss in great detail. Happy for you!

  2. love! but one edit, it's J Hewell now. :)


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