July 30, 2013

Life lately...

My house is quiet tonight.

S is fast asleep, albeit a post nap fever that produced a rather lazy afternoon today. Knees tucked up under her. Butt in the air. Lamb lovey comfortably cuddled under her arm. The lull of her sound machine.

J is at the Philly Union Soccer game with a friend.

This means I ate dinner while sitting on my bed while reading blogs, treated myself to a cupcake, and have a few minutes to decompress... and to blog!

The weird thing? I sort of miss the noise. Every night around 6pm I start getting to the end of the rope for the day. Sienna is a joy but we run all day long now and I'm ready for bath and bedtime to start. Every night around 8pm, I find myself wanting to wake her up for one more quick kiss and cuddle. (I don't do this. Do you think I'm crazy? I know not to go wake up my sleeping babe!)  On nights when J is out, it's even more quiet and I realize that I live for the noise that is our life.

We've been busy and I've been a bad blogger. We were driving to Yardley the other day and as we passed Philly, sleeping baby in the back breathing sweetly, husband by my side chatting with me, I muttered... "Ahhh remember when we both lived in Philly, those were the good old days"

Jamie said to me dead seriously "Really? I think these are the good old days"

We ended up launching into a discussion about how we are grateful for where we are. To have each other- to have a healthy happy little girl who lights up our lives. To have a marriage that keeps us laughing even in the tense moments. We know that in the grand scheme of things, these are the glory days. Sure, they come with lack of sleep and a messy kitchen and days that are full of crazy. But they are the best. We know who we are, where we are going, what's important. And when we get caught up in anything that is truly unimportant, it only takes Sienna's giggle or "mamadada" (she says it as one word) to bring us back.

Speaking of crazy and messy, my girl is on the go. She colors, she paints, she drags toys to different places in the house and thinks it is funny to ask where they are as if she can't find them. Her words are new every day. My current favorites are mail which is pronounced "may-ool" and bear which is "bee-awr".  She's learning and growing and I'm constantly amazed by her. 

And to continue the crazy trend, we've been busier than ever. We've been to the beach, we've been playing outside, we've joined the pool, we've been at the Children's Museum. We've had engagement parties and showers. Family get togethers. Mini vacations. In August, we have two weddings, two engagement parties, a bridal shower, an overnight away, J's soccer play offs, Union soccer games, and a lot of important birthdays on the books.

But before all that, and between all that, the little moments are still winning me over. They keep me grounded. They help me focus on the here and now... an effort I'm constantly working towards.

Happy Summerness. XOXO.

Lounging on mama's bed with her mismatched pjs

Sweet girl picked this flower and delivered it to me. I love her beach cover up + vans shoes outfit.

Holding her babydoll in her dotdotsmile dress.

I just can't deal with the cuteness. A full ponytail. Tiny toes. Still able to fit in a sink. Gush.
Backwards Phillies hat that she insisted on wearing and a corvette car in her hand. I'd call her a tomboy but the princess pajamas and spiky ponytail you can't see tell a different story.

MELMO! as Sienna calls him. First trip to Sesame Place.

Sesame with Mama! Our favorite area.

Sienna convinced dada to climb into her crib with him. After snapping this photo, I let him know he was probably over the weight limit, but it was fun while it lasted.
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