July 28, 2016

Rehoboth Beach Week!

We spent fourth of July week in Rehoboth with Jamie's family. Fourth of July week in Rehoboth means glow sticks and necklaces and fireworks and sandy feet and Sienna shouting, "I love Americans!" on the beach at 9pm. It also means tons of cousin time, bike rides, walks to the park, feeding turtles, building a bazillion different sand castles and digging holes (that J gets in trouble for from the life guard for being too deep...)

Beach Week at the cottage has morphed so much since the first time we took Sienna there, when she was a mere 4 months old with her chubby rolls sticking out of her bathing suit. It now means that the kids play- dare I say this- somewhat independently, and that eating dinner is a chore that interrupts pretend play and building forts on the porch. Piper was old enough this year to join in the fun, though she needed someone to "up me" aka pick her up and cuddle her every once in awhile when the big kids were going too fast or too loud for her liking. Either way, it's so nice to see the bonds these girls have formed with their cousins. Sienna and Hazel are pretty much glued together, but Sienna stated quite clearly on our way home that Keller is her very kindest best frend and often wanted to climb up on the couch and put her head on his shoulder in the morning. Pipey is equally enamored with both cousins, and you can easily win her over by playing babies with her or being the one to hand her a snack.

This summer is flying by and we are loving all the outdoor time that comes with it.  We can handle the heat when it means kids giggling and going to bed with sunkissed noses and sandy sheets.

Until next year beach week....
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