December 12, 2013

Singing works just fine for me....


It's been awhile.

Life has been mildly crazy. Holidays. Sick kiddo. Kid who popped her elbow out of socket again. Work is exciting but super busy with new research projects. And my sweet girl who I love more than anything has been so clingy to me that a spare minute literally does not exist. I walk the bridge of thankful for her attachment and -if I am going to be honest, as I always am on this blog- suffocated. I mean I can't shower without her in the bathroom. If I leave her room she screams. It's heartbreaking but also heartwarming. Difficult and endearing.

The last few days we've been home- just the three of us- getting back into our normal work and life schedule after Thanksgiving, visits to Connecticut (S looooves Gigi, her great grandmother), and some major snowfall for December! Things are calming. Work is in order, home is in order.

Tonight I sat down to address my Christmas cards (after a successful bed time of no crying from Sienna with a new night light and extra cuddles) and as I flipped on the TV, James Taylor was crooning Going to Carolina on NJTV. And while my plan was to watch this week's Blacklist, I was drawn in. When I was little My entire lie my dad always sang James Taylor to me. It somehow brought a sense of calm. It made me feel at home as he played his guitar to the tunes, even when I came home from Penn State bleary eyed from finals.

Years later, I am finding that these words, this beautiful music still soothes me. I'm now bleary eyed from a crazy week with a sleepless toddler and a ton of work, but it still brings me back. It always has. I can hear my dad's voice and the squeak of his fingers against the guitar strings.  It makes me want to curl up under a blanket and fall asleep. Or curl up under the covers and write out Christmas cards, as is tonight's reality.  Feeling thankful for these warm calming memories tonight. Off to address and get our cards ready to send to our loved ones!

There's a song that they sing
of their home in the sky
Maybe you can believe it if it helps you to sleep,
But singing works just fine for me....

(Thanks dad)

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