June 26, 2012

Sienna loves to eat!

The ped gave us the go ahead for cereal. Since Sienna has a bit of a sensitive tummy, we decided to try oatmeal cereal instead of rice cereal. She LOVED it!

In related news, the blog apparently is still more babies than other parts of life. Oh well, sorry for those of you who prefer house renos. We will get back to that, promise.

June 22, 2012


I came across this quote today. True in every.single.way.

A baby will make love stronger,
days shorter,
nights longer,
bankroll smaller,
home happier,
clothes shabbier,
the past forgotten
...and the future worth living for.

P.S. Big plans to actually upload photos from summer events & actually blog about life and not just baby. But, well, let's face it, right now Sienna is soooort of the center of our lives. We're okay with that :)

June 21, 2012


Sienna is 4 months old (yesterday)!! I can't believe that the past 18 weeks (sorry I know non baby people hate when baby people write ages like this) have gone so quickly. And yet again, I feel like she's always been around. It's strange this mommyhood thing!

In the past month, we have traveled more, seen more family and friends, and Sienna has learned SO much! She survived her first beach trip, her first bed time at grandma and grandpa's while we went to a wedding, went to her first baby shower! She is babbling and talking more and more every single day. Some mornings she makes sounds from the minute she wakes up until nap time straight. We can't help but laugh. She LOVES us making sounds now too. So cute. She loves her bigger bath and kicks and splashes so much. Tummy time is 100 times easier than it used to be (though sometimes we do catch the little nugget watching tv!!) She is learning to sleep better but TOTALLY breaking out of swaddles so it's time to move onto a sleep sack now. She usually goes to bed at 7 and gets up at 7 with 2 night wakings to eat. Sometimes only one and then I thank the heavenly stars.

A really funny thing happened... she rolled over today! And the funny thing is- this was the same day that I rolled over when I was a baby. Not as in same date, but same exact age. So weird! Maybe she will talk early like mama too! She did it again this evening and I didn't realize til she was halfway over. But I got part on video!

Sienna is also laughing a ton now. I can barely ever get it on video because when I am making her laugh, the phone in her face is not her favorite. But I got a few giggles on film the other day.

She just might be the cutest little four month old there is. Tomorrow she goes to the pediatrician, gets more shots (sad for mama when she cries), talk about sleep, solids, and more!!!

Happy four months to my favorite little lady!! xo

June 17, 2012

Happy 1st Father's Day!

*Sienna is guest blogging today for father's day!

Dear Daddy-

You are hands down the best daddy I could ever ask for. When I was teeny tiny and first born, you always made me feel warm and safe when you swaddled me up and walked with me back and forth for hours in the evenings. Even before we left the hospital I knew you were meant to be my dad. I'm sorry I was so fussy, I just was little and didn't know what else to do! It's a big world out here compared to where I came from!! And even when I could barely focus on you, you smiled at me and talked to me. You make me feel SUPER loved. And when it was a long day for mama, you always were home just in time to take me and scoop me up and take a stroll around the house with me. I especially love walking around in the bjorn cuddled up to you (don't worry I won't tell on you that when I fell asleep you'd sometimes play video games or watch tv with me in there!) When I started to smile, your smile was almost as big as mine when we looked at each other. You always give me that goofy smile, daddy. I really love you. My favorite time of the day is when you get home and exclaim "Hi there!!" while I'm in my bouncy seat. Actually, my very very favorite time of the day is around 7 am when you come in to get me in the morning. I love talking to you and telling you all about my night. And when you talk back I think it's really funny. I can't wait to play with you as I grow. You already make me think I can do anything (maybe that's because as we do bath time you tell me I can be an olympic swimmer). Oh ,and by the way, I want you to know I see you always hugging mama in the kitchen in the mornings and kissing her goodbye every day. You guys are always laughing together. It is already teaching me what it means to have a good family. I just adore you.


June 14, 2012

One Year Ago

A year ago on Sunday- father's day- we found out I was pregnant and that little Sienna (who we then just referred to as baby bubba) was on the way! I can still remember the exact moment. And I remember that evening so clearly. Our last official day as a family of two and our launch into the world of baby.

Here we are, with a 4 month old.... and last night, I found myself rifling through my drawers. I saved our positive preg tests and the card I gave J for pre-fathers day. The funniest thing happened... the (cheapest) pregnancy test is no longer positive. It's as if it is saying to me, you aren't pregnant anymore, she's here! go enjoy her! Sort of serendipitous.

Farewell days of pregnancy, hello days of parenthood. It's incredible to think we went from a + sign on a test to a little baby sleeping in the next room. Time sure flies by!

June 13, 2012

She knows...

We've hit this amazing point in Sienna's life... she knows for sure who her mama is. And dada too. But when I get home from work she gets sooooo excited. And she often does this.

She's saying "come here mom, let me study that face of yours". And she giggles when I kiss her little chubster cheeks.


June 2, 2012

The busy days have arrived!

This summer is really jam-packed. But over memorial day weekend, we brought Sienna to J's family beach cottage. The word "cottage" always baffles me because the beach-block cute house with a huge front porch and 3 bedrooms and a huge 3rd floor is not quite a "cottage" to me. But I digress...

This is one of those family jewels that you are forever thankful for. This house is old Rehoboth with new updates and a porch that is to die for. I could spend hours and days on that porch with the ocean breeze and the babies. A glass of wine doesn't hurt either.
Sienna loved it just as much as I do. She "slept through the night" if we can call it that, for the first time from 10:45pm until 5:00 am. I mean that has not happened since nor is it her normal behavior. But thanks ocean breeze and cottage, that was a nice little treat! She had a great time playing with her cousins, too! On Saturday we beached, hung out, napped (me and Sienna both!), and relaxed. We headed to a seafood feast on Saturday evening with J's fam and family friends. The roof deck of their beach house is amazing. Sienna and I took a few moments to pose for some pictures. Well, I did. Sienna was interested in staring at the kids off to the side. Chubby cheeked girl now likes to face forward because she wants to be nosy and see it all.

Clearly neither of us had time for tanning this weekend. Oops. We survived our first dinner party and she passed out halfway through on my chest. What a good baby! On Sunday we did more relaxing, beaching (Sienna fell asleep within a half hour every time we got to the beach!), had dinner with J's family and drove home late night.

First Rehoboth weekend = success. Can't wait until she actually can play on the beach! Next summer will be a whole different world. I have a feeling Sienna + Hazel are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Watch out, world!

Oh ps what is it now- 4 days until my self-imposed kitchen painting deadline? Yeah I haven't even started... here's to failure due to new mamahood! Ooops! Maybe I shoudl set a new "goal". Okay my new goal is to convince J to paint the kitchen since I never have time.  Jamie are you reading this?

Tomorrow "wedding season" officially begins for the summer and fall starting with a bridal shower for a family friend. So many parties, so little time! Super thankful for the gorgeous weather lately and hoping it continues for all our upcoming events!
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