June 26, 2011

IIIIIIIIIIIII was going to wear a graphic TEE!

There were so many great lines from our dinner on Friday night with our friends Lauren & Baback... but my favorite scenario could have been the makings of a 8pm ABC sitcom bad reality tv show. The best part was, both of us had independent conversations as a couple before dinner about the same topic. And it didn't come up until circa 10:45 pm after we had already eaten. The damn graphic tees. Now, apparently before dinner Lauren told Baback he couldn't wear a t-shirt to a nice restaurant. He had to wear a button down shirt and look "nice". To make matters worse, she also forced him to read about Tina Fey's first pap smear in Bossypants. Oh wait, I forgot, he read that book willingly, and told Lauren she needed to read that part because it was hilarious. But I digress. Back to the clothing. Rewind to 4 hours pre dinner in Wilmington. J is getting dressed and I am telling him to choose something "nice". He chooses a graphic tee. And it was wrinkly. But, he told me "I am going to pick my outfit and you can like it" in a voice so sarcastic it was allllmost serious. So I let it go. We show up to dinner, eat our entire meals. I mention something vaguely about it and Baback almost word vomits onto the table with his statement of "I WAS GOING TO WEAR A GRAPHIC TEE!" He launched into an entire discussion about how he had to wear a shirt he technically packed for a business trip and his graphic tee wasn't going to be an ugly one. And graphic tees can look nice. He lost his battle. But J won his.
Graphic Tee: 1
Meghan: 0.

But let it be said that on Baback's end of the world:
Graphic Tee: 0
Lauren: 1

The moral of the story is if guys would just learn how to dress well independently, we wouldn't have to ask them to change their shirts. Or maybe fashion isn't that important. Nope. It is. I realized that as soon as those words left my fingers. But, Baback you diiiid look nice. And your shirt made for good photos. Let's look at Baback's favorite graphic tees that he was considering:
Winners, right? I mean we can't control his sense of style. It's one of a kind.

Let's get back to dinner. So J and I arrived early, grabbed a drink, and let the good workers of Salt Air know our friends were joining us soon. We actually got seated pretty quickly (Nino, I honestly don't know how you did it with that busy restaurant, but impressive). We ordered WAY TOO MANY appetizers. And the mussels were a different mix than the usual. I liked them because the had tons of tomatoes and corn mixed in. I actually made Lauren a "loaded mussel" and she liked it. Delicious. We also had salad, chicken wings, and the usual pinchos. As per usual, all delicious. We ate crab cakes and steak and fish for dinner- again all amazing.

But better than dinner was our conversations. And the moments when Lauren gave Baback a look that said "OMG are you really talking about this in public?"  But J only egged him on and the stories flowed. Like the delicious wine and beer. Speaking of which, Baback is a high roller and indulged in some delicious PBR. While Lauren tricked us all and ordered the most expensive wine on the menu accidentally ordered the wine above the one she thought she ordered and should have just drank a whole bottle.

Andddd of course we needed to remember to take pictures. I was so mad at first because I forgot my camera but Cauffiel to the rescue!

In other news, Baback wanted to go to Funland. Do you know what Funland is? It is that place we took our nephew that I wrote about here.  On Saturday, we saw Lauren and Baback strolling down the beach together. We chatted for awhile, and they mentioned they might head to Funland. As if my magic, I reached into my beach bag and pulled out an entire packet of FUNLAND tickets! For rides and other such things. And post FB stalking, I know that they did indeed make it to Funland. You are my kind of couple.

You guys are fantastic. So much fun with you this weekend! I hope you enjoyed many lemon trees, bumper cars, race cars, mini golf... and eating all that Rehoboth has to offer (Did you decide if Nicola's or Grotto's wins your pizza battle?)! Baback, if you are REALLY really lucky funny and amusing, you will get a guest appearance on the blog after Freeman's wedding. You better work on some good dance skills and conversation starters before then. Also, I truly hope on that Friday night before the wedding you show up in your best fashion, wearing a graphic tee. Lauren, let it go.


June 22, 2011

FB world doesn't understand English. Let's try Blog World.

This was what I posted on FB: "So my usual approach to research (google) is failing me and giving me varied answers. Will BBM work on Verizon in BERMUDA? Please do not answer if you are going to tell me if it depends on my network and my plan. I want a for real answer".

Let's discuss some key words here: BBM (blackberry messenger), BERMUDA, FOR REAL ANSWER. Dear God, you are all educated people. Half of you have doctorates. Fine, not half, but like some... And not a single person even came close to giving me an answer. One person (my ex boyfriend from when I was 17, Thank you Alex) gave me a semi- real answer and directed me to the correct place to READ about my answer. But I was hoping to avoid the whole reading and calling Verizon thing and skipping to asking you people on the interwebs.  Other responses talked about the Bahamas (that's not Bermuda, kids), and Grand Cayman (no dice). People talked about how much they got charged. I am not paying your phone bill and have you ever met me? If anyone charged me $150 for turning ON MY PHONE they would feel the wrath that is my assertive side calling and asking if they would like to pay my bill for me.

So here is the deal, please please please comment and let me know if you ACTUALLY know the answer to this. And yes I know I can call Verizon. Let's review the question.

This is very important. Because you know, my friend Laurie, who I really like, she is going to be in Bermuda when I am in Bermuda. And we talk on BBM like 437 times per week. So if I have BBM, I can send her smiles and sunny messages in Bermuda about things like where I am and if we can eat delicious food together. And yes, I realize I can call her hotel. Or I can use J's phone, which I am 99.9% sure works in Bermuda. And her husband's phone works too. But that's not the point.

The point is I want an answer. Someone answer me.

For example, if you have BBM and have been to Bermuda, YOU might be able to answer.

Or if you work for Verizon, maybe YOU can help me.

Or if you are a super technology bbm genius, YOU can help me.

Someone help me.

And no, I'm not just switching to the iphone.

BBM Love.

June 21, 2011

While we're on the parent train... let's talk about dads.

My dad, particularly. Since Sunday was Father's Day, I think it's only fair. I told you all about how great my mom is here. Now it is my dad's turn. While I wouldn't say my dad loves all of his workerbees the same (you know, the business world equivolent of teacher's students), but he has used lines from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Imagine your boss saying "I couldn't be more surprised if I woke up with my head stapled to the carpet" in the middle of an important business deal. That's my dad. But my dad married my mom, so while it is not always as outward, he's got the loving, make a big deal of little things,get excited for the people you love, truly caring side too.

He said the other day that I am the best of both of my parents. Best, dad? Not everyone enjoys our dry sense of humor and cheesy jokes. But ya know, you're like a mushroom. You're a FUNGI. Ha. And I wouldn't change it for a thing.

In addition to teaching me how to make corny jokes and quote classic movies (yes, national lampoons IS a classic), my dad taught me some things without knowing it. So while you are far from a "teacher" dad, you  still silently loudly and jokingly spread your happy presence through our house and passed on a few things to me yourself.  They aren't as straight-forward as the lessons as mom's. EXCEPT that one lesson is to use duct tape for everything. That has paid off. Even that time I hit that car in center city philly and had to tape my bumper on. No lie. Oh wait, one more, you should dance with your kids to classic rock on Saturday mornings and give them memories that are imprinted for a lifetime.

Dad has taught me (and I think my hubby) how to be a good husband and how to be a good parent. Skills we will treasure in the future. My dad taught me that you should decorate the house on your spouse's birthday, especially if they decorate for everyone else. He taught us to surprise the people you love. To bring home unexpected treats (mom, HOW ARE YOU STILL SURPRISED when dad walks in the door on Sunday evenings with Rita's? Even the dude at Rita's knows he is coming, and yet you act thrilled and shocked every week). My parents have a fairy tale marriage. And I hope we can take after them. And my dad has always always been the best parent. He answers the phone. He changes your tire when you don't want to wait for AAA on 95 at 10pm at night. He drives to Penn State when you're having a bad week to cheer you up. He makes a dumb joke when you're sad. He hugs you and never lets go before you do. He is there. He is always there. By phone. In person. By email and bbm now (big time technologist, right?!). He is my hero. I mean that truly. If J and I can even be half of the parent or spouse he is, we will be lucky.

 Oh you know what else makes my dad awesome? Grandma (his mom) recently broke her femur. My dad celebrated father's day with us, then jetted to CT for approximately 4 hours before jetting back home for work on Monday. He's a family man. And I am endlessly appreciative.

So thank you dad, for being the best daddy I could ever ask for. For teaching me to work hard, but that you can always get support from the people who love you. For loving me even when I am a huge pain in the ass (I mean, come on, we know it happens sometimes). For laughing with me. For reminding me there isn't a mountain I can't climb (Including Mt. Washington). I love love love you.

And I love these photos we took on Sunday before & during brunch for Father's Day.

Ahhh a 4-some family shot. We don't get many of these anymore! But I love some time with the family.
Hi Mom & Dad!

Likely laughing at a cheesy joke. Watch it dad, we're loading the gun here....

Sunday turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day... we are so lucky to have such great parents.

My uncle Kurt has taught me a thing or two as well. This is his favorite saying: You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, you can even pick your friends nose, but you can't pick your family.

That's fine by me, I think I got a good hand of cards. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!! xoxo

June 20, 2011

Dyson Alert!!!!

Thank you Cauffiel for sending me the BB&B coupon today. OMG The Love of my Life, aka a pet Dyson Vacuum is not only $120 on sale... you can also use the coupon... bringing it down to around $380.

FROM $600.


June 19, 2011

The Best Teacher Ever

On Friday June 17th, my mom said a final farewell to her 5th grade classroom. And while I know that a piece of her was filled with joy that she no longer has to feed pretzels to kids who forget their snacks, or go to school on days she'd rather visit her parents or in-laws in Connecticut, I know that she was also sad. And while every other teacher always celebrated the beginning of summer, my mom spent the days after the end of the school year telling her family what she'd miss about her class that year. And while other teachers joked, I swear, I never ONCE heard my mom say a truly negative thing about a child she taught. When I say she was the best teacher ever, I'm not exaggerating. Her students, fellow teachers, administrators, past students, parents of students, and her family always knew that.

Why though? What made every kid BEG to be in my mom's class? What made even the biggest 5th grader show their soft side?  I think that I know the truth. And it's a big truth that has always set her apart from everyone else. My mom was a teacher of books, of science lessons and math problems, of reading lessons and language and writing. But far before that, even with the coming of standardized state tests and stricter curriculum, my mom taught about life. Not directly and not purposely. She just did. And she did it with a calm confidence that made it difficult for kids to misbehave, and feel her disappointment when they did. It is a method build of the same principles of her parenting. It's what set her apart as a mom, too.

Here's to you mom, the BEST teacher I have ever known. And here are a few of her secrets that have rubbed off over the years.
1. Be kind to other people even if they are different.

2. Don't yell. It doesn't help anything and only makes people not want to listen to you.

3. Empathy goes a very long way.

4. Don't purposely embarrass people.

5. Make learning, and everything else, FUN.

6. Make a big deal of positive- even the little things.

Whether it was on Highland Drive or at OV, my mom just has a way about her. And everything IS more fun. even when we call her corny (and we sometimes do), we know that she is the nicest and most genuine person there is.

Her fellow teachers agreed. And on Friday we joined for a celebration in my mom's (and a few other retiring teachers') honors. We met people who meant the most to her, we toasted to her future happiness, and we listened as her colleagues said the same things I've said (but not as eloquently or at length because hey, they didn't actually grow up on Highland Drive with us, they don't know it all).

Apparently all the girls wanted to color coordinate in blue. I missed the memo that it was ROYAL and not navy apparently. Oh well. Do yo know what teachers do at retirement parties? They don't sip dirty martinis and have the CEO give a very scripted predictable speech. They make up songs and dances:
Hilarious. My sister-in law said she felt like she was at a dinner theater. It was amusing as they sang the lazy song and then went into Taio Cruz's Dynamite. Not what you would expect.

Happy Retirement, mom! Now, do you want to sign up to come to my house every week and help us do projects and clean? You could eveeeeen buy me that nice vacuum if you'd like to use that. I would be okay with that choice.

Congrats Pammy T, we are all proud of you! xo

June 15, 2011

Pinterest and The Inner Workings of Girl Brain

Today you will get the pleasure of a semi-guest blog post. Do you guys use Pinterest? You know, the newest rage. I am actually up to internetworld date for once and am on there. The other day I was browsing through and pinned a few "nursery" ideas. You have already seen my favorite on my blog. But we are not having a baby yet. So I think the public world thinks that 1) I am pregnant and lying or 2)I am CRAZY. I found out today I am not the only one. One of my good friends has a wedding category. She's not engaged. It's public. We had a brief discussion over this and how there should be private boards. She wrote this email to Pinterest. If this doesn't give you a look at the inner workings of every.single.girl. out there who has a boyfriend but is not yet engaged, I don't know what does. And no, it's not actually crazy or pathetic. It's hilariously normal. I've removed names for privacy, since Pinterest won't do that for us.

I asked her permission to post this too. This was her classic response:
"Hahaha of course!  I am so behind on your blog!  You know why?  Because all I read lately are wedding blogs."

Without further adieu, here is the perfection that is this letter to Pinterest.

Hello Pinterest,
I am very excited to be a new member of the Pinterest community.  You have created something the internet has been sorely missing (and that is a truly admirable accomplishment in itself!).  I think you have an excellent model, your tool is very easy to use, and I have no doubt Pinterest will join the ranks with the other great original and inventive internet successes.
I do have one suggestion, and based on your "Help" page, I am not the first person to ask this question: Why can't I make a Pinterest board private?  I completely understand and respect your mission of creating a sharing community.  However, not everyone wants to share everything.  For example, I am happy to share collections I have created about interior design or fashion or vacation spots.  But I do not want to share my "wedding" Pinterest board.  Maybe I don't want the whole world wide web to know I am a crazy girlfriend who plans our wedding before we are engaged.  Or maybe I don't want my friends and family to see the inspiring details before my wedding -- I want them to be surprised when they see it for themselves in person!  Instead, I just want to use Pinterest as the great tool that it is.  I want to organize and collect pictures for my own purpose, and I do not want to share my collection with the public.  I am sure there are other countless reasons for a user wanting to keep a board private.
Again, I realize private boards go against your concept of sharing.  Perhaps you could limit each account to one or two private boards.  Or, if you are worried about private boards decreasing the flow of photos available for repinning, you could still have the private photos pop up for public use, but they would only be identified as pinned to a "private board."  That way people could still repin, but would not be able to view the original user's board or collection.  Another great feature would be the ability to grant limited access to a pin board, i.e. only my mom could see my imaginary fake wedding board.  
I want to emphasize how great of an idea I think Pinterest is.  With or without private boards, I believe this will be a hit.  But I also believe the potential and possibilities with Pinterest are limitless, so why limit them?      
Thank you for your time!

Impressively on point but funny, right? If Pinterest doesn't reply to her with a laugh and a private wedding board just for my dear friend, I am going to quit. No I am not, I love my boards. But for real, why do we need the world to know JUST how crazy we really are?

Don't judge. You've all been there too.
crazy girl brains.

June 14, 2011

No commute = Super productive

Today I had training closer to home than work around the corner from my house and got to avoid the headache inducing commute. I finished at 4:30. Do you know HOW MUCH one can DO in that time?

I actually got to go on a real live run. I swear I must have looked like Phoebe a few times from Friends because every once in awhile I got into the songs on my ipod and sang away.

Then, after my run, I was like, well I've got some energy. So I went to Target to get some things. I love our new Target because it now has groceries. Ability to buy salad AND self-tanner in the same store? Perfection.  It's June, you should be tan, but that nasty sun does major damage. Self tanner is the way to go. But they stopped selling the foam kind I like. Sad day at Target, sad day. Also do you know that even though the sign on the bathroom says "No merchandise" and you try to be polite and nicely ask the lady at customer service if you can leave your basket  near them while you use the restroom, she will give you a CRAZY look and say "I mean, sure, I guess." JUST TRYING TO FOLLOW YOUR STORE RULES, lady with very bad hair.

THEN I came home and did laundry and dishes. Well, I put laundry and dishes into their perspective washing machines. Close enough. Then I cleaned up our bathroom. And our room.

And now I get to go watch J play soccer. For the first time all year I think. Because a)he is not playing absurdly late circa 10:30 pm like his stupid winter adult league does and b)I AM HOME.

NO COMMUTE = SUPER WIFE and super happy.  PS research says commuting makes you fat. I agree. BUT, today I went running, ate veggies, and drank water. Proof that is true.  I win!

June 13, 2011

Wedding Season is BACK.... and Trashers fries come as a side dish.

This weekend marked the beginning of the wedding season (again). Technically, I had three wedding events, but unfortunately I had to forgo the bachelorette party of my friend Jen in Avalon to get to the other two events (I'm in one wedding and the other was the wedding of the person who juuuust so happened to introduce me to Jamie. Best introduction of all time).  Jen had a fantastic time though, as I can see via stalking her fb pics.

I headed to Yardley on Friday evening after work and hit my head against my steering wheel 100,000 times in traffic used my time to catch up with friends on the phone. My mom nearly passed out when I accidentally brought the EMPTY case of our wedding video to their house. Ooooops. It was nice to spend some time in Yardley, and we'll be returning there next weekend. Saturday was Lindsay's bridal shower in Newtown. We did a few fun activities. Laurie & Jess created a box with a ton of different cards that went inside. The concept is that you have everyone at the shower write a different card (first home cooked meal, 1st anniversary, when you find out you're expecting) to the bride for that time in her life. Then she opens them in the future on those days. I personally loved the "On a day you want to strangle Dave" one....
We also did an activity that I need to give my friend Liz credit for... she and Rachel did it at my shower. You basically put cleaning products into a poem... You know, such as "when you are with Dave be sure to CARESS and CUDDLE" If you want the whole poem, you can ask me for it and I'll email it to you. But then you read it aloud and let the bride fill in the blanks of the cleaning products. Or, if you are me, thinking about the 100 things you need to do that day, you accidentally say some of them for her (sorry Lins).
I had to jet from the shower a bit early to drive to Rehoboth for the wedding, but Lins will make a beautiful bride. Cheers to the Future Mrs. Workman!
P.S. Thanks to Laurie for the pictures! After Lins' shower, I very quickly got in my car and zoooomed down to Rehoboth for Mary & Alex's wedding. Mary is Jamie's (3rd??) cousin and went to grad school with me. She also initially introduced Jamie and me, so we owe her big time. She looked gorgeous & the happiest I've ever seen her.
I love Alex's face in this photo. But what a pretty couple and happy entrance. And since we know I judge weddings for their style love the decor at weddings, I snapped a few photos of that stuff too.

Oh also you know what is hilarious? When you and your husband HAVE THE SAME NAME AS HIS GRANDPARENTS. And you pick up their name tag. Only to find out someone lovingly called you Dr. and you have a different one. Oh, and then I took a pic of my own decor. MY FAVORITE NEW SHOES. They were cheap, not all $795 like the sparklies I posted last week. But I love.
I kow, I should rotate this. But it looks funny sideways- or rightside up I should say. They are nude colored. And meshy. And they have a zipper up the back. Do you want a pair yet? I bet you do. Okay, here's one more photo of the bride & groom.
After the wedding (it was HOT in Rehoboth Saturday - and humid- and we danced a lot so we were gross) we made our way across the street to Nalu Surf Bar and had a few drinks. J's friend Regan owns all of Rehoboth has some pull at Nalu and is the nicest host ever- hooked us up at the bar and with a hotel room for the night. (Thank you!)

Sunday morning I woke up with one thing on my mind. What is that you ask? THRASHERS FRENCH FRIES SHOVE THEM ALL IN MY MOUTH. Okay, calm down, calm down. But I asked J before we even ate breakfast if we could remember to get Trashers as if I even had a remote chance of forgetting. We hit the beach for ohhh about 2 hours before my stomach started growling for Thrashers, a diet coke, and thennnnn a nap.
I wish I could have Thrasher's french fries after every wedding. Do you hear that people who are getting married this summer and fall? Bring me Thrasher's. Now. Please.

Congrats to the newlyweds-- that was the first wedding since our own. And thank you two for getting married in Rehoboth where my hunger pains were met with some of the best french fries in the world.

June 9, 2011

Bacon Brownies, Shiny Shoes, and Cat Prozac #3

You didn't know you signed up to read the writings of a crazy person did you? Chocolate and pork products, footwear, and cat drugs don't all seem to go together. But none the less, here we go.

Let's start with bacon brownies. We love Salt Air. Sure, I'm partial because my very very talented brother-in-law is the head chef, and my could not be nicer or prettier sister-in-law lends her hand... or both hands. They are super busy in the summer. Anyway, I find myself at Salt Air late night almost every summer evening we are in Rehoboth. Can't help it. If we are going to sip on a big glass of sauv blanc, might as well hang out in our favorite atmosphere while we're at it. And if the chef HAPPENS to offer you a BACON BROWNIE at 1:30 in the morning, do you ever say no? Of course not. You say "GIVE ME THE WHOLE PAN!" "sure, I'll try a small piece." And your "small piece", because Nino has to present his food perfectly, even to his family, looks like this:

And when you devour it, you look like this:
After you eat this, but before you go to sleep, you feel really happy.

And then when you wake up in the morning, after having one too many glasses of sauv blanc and a big bacon brownie at 1:30 am you feel like this:
Except, less good. Because Bradley Cooper is not involved in my version. Anywho, as long as it's not 1:30 ams, head over to Salt Air and try their desserts. I promise they will not disappoint.

So after our weekend in Rehoboth and my love/hate relationship with the bacon chocolate, I came across a few other things I have a love/hate relationship with. Okay, well no, I have a DEEP LOVING relationship with and J hates the credit card bill that follows. SHOES. My wedding shoes were fantastic. Gorgeous and pretty expensive, but white. And mayyybe I'll wear them again (or dye them black), but I know two girls who are getting married and both chose and recently showed me their sparkly shoes. BRILLIANT I tell you, BRILLIANT. Because you know damn well I'd wear sparkly shoes day or night, anytime anywhere. Why didn't IIIIIII think of this? Anyway, let's lay our eyes on some of the choices that are out there. If I had my heaven, I'd be eating the chocolate bacon brownie while WEARING sparkly shoes. And no, I wouldn't want to take cat prozac. That part of the post doesn't incorporate well, but I know you all love my cats.

We've got these amazing ladies from Kate Spade:
I KNOW. Gorgeous right? Over the top, but gorgeous.
The pink heel steels my heart. Don't worry, J, these are not on my shopping list. I am just featuring them on my blog for all the other shoe lovers out there!

Jimmy Choo doesn't do so bad either:
Okay I know these next ones are sort of ridiculous, they remind me of a tap recital, but none the less... I enjoy them.
Holy Sparkle. Do you know what these would be good for? Throwing at your cat when they don't adhere to their prozac regiment. You got it, we are back to the cats. Sunday night I gave them both their pills (since we were not home on Sunday morning). It went okay, I got some growling, but okay.

The next day? What do we find? PROZAC IN THE FOOD BOWLS. These dumb animals somehow outsmarted me. Are cats like cows? Do they regurgitate food? Who knows. So far, after a few weeks, they seem a little more lethargic, but also a little less loving. I think I took away their personalities. Poor little buddies crazy cat animals.

Do you love bacon? or cats? or SPARKLY shoes? I bet you do.

This weekend is full of marital bliss happenings in our neck of the woods. Wedding shower on Saturday early afternoon, wedding Saturday later afternoon into evening. Then mayyyyybe a day at the beach on Sunday to recover from it all. Happy Weekend!

June 7, 2011

J + K 's Day of Fun

On Saturday we spent the day in Rehoboth with our fav little guy, our nephew Keller. Beach, bumper cars, pizza, ice cream. You could say he had quite the spoiled day with Uncle Jamie and Aunt Meghan. Thank goodness his dad fed us some late night beer & wine at Salt Air later on to help us relax after a long day! These two are peas in a pod. And they crack me up. We started day the day with digging holes in the sand "as deep as the ocean" according to Keller. Hey J, don't teach your nephew to PEE IN HIS OWN LITTLE OCEAN because then other people have to step in it. Gross.

So J did what Keller asked... he dug a hole down to the ocean. And it was way taller than Keller. He even needed help getting in and out of the hole. J= good uncle. Me = good photographer.

The funny thing about 4 year olds is that they don't care if the ocean is negative 51 degrees.

Oh, by the way, that kick in the bottom picture is called "front side air". Quite the little surfer/skater dude.

We had to of course take a break from beaching and hole digging, and have some pizza. Now, if you remember, we went to Rehoboth back in February and talked about howNicola Pizza has our hearts. But, when you have a 4 year old saying he is SUPER hungry and SUPER thirsty, you go to what J calls "ASAP PIZZA" aka Grotto Pizza, the first place you hit on the boardwalk. I think it was because J had to carry Keller because his legs were so tired, he could tell because he was yawning. Umm this picture? I LOVE.

The best part was when Keller said "you gotta hold my hiney I can't hold on" haha. He is so lucky that J follows directions well. We did eventually make it to get pizza.  I actually don't love Grotto's, but it sufficed. These two are peas in a pod.

After Grottos, we of COURSE had to go to FUNLAND. I once worked at a summer camp and we had carnival days that counselors used to call Carnihell. Funland? Borderline carnihell. But less crazy. And super cheap. Sign me up.

This was Keller's first time on the SUPER FAST cars too. He told us.  A lot. And like the softies we are, after funland, we promised some ice cream. Kohr Bros is so good, so it wasn't that much of a stretch. Oh look! I show up in pictures. But, surprise, surprise, it's with food.
Mmm chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and vanilla with orange sherbert. DELICIOUS. So delicious. Yum. After this, J and Keller needed a nap and I would be willing to bet J needed it more than Keller did.

I think about 4 family members asked us if we are practicing. Last time I checked, when you have a baby they don't pop out as a hyper 4 year old imaginative (and really smart) boy. Good thing, we were exhausted. But these two are the best, and I'd take another J + K day anytime.

PS YAY Beach Season and Rehoboth summer!!
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