May 17, 2013

I just wanted to dry my hair

Sienna is walking running running &falling and peeking into every little thing she can. My days of leisurely washing and drying my hair during morning nap are over. So I have to figure out a way to make it all work.

I bring you: the toddler bucket.

Hm these photos are looking a bit distorted. Anyway... I decided we had to do something about the fact that usually S runs to the door and says "out" two seconds after I shut her in the bathroom to dry my hair, or put on make up, or even just brush my teeth.
So we took her drum (which is really just a bucket when you take off the top) and we filled it with things I won't usually let her play with. My iphone box, two dvds (we don't watch dvds anymore anyway), an iphone cord, a spatula, a paintbrush, a closed container of mints to shake, and of course a few fav toys: rubber ducky, curious George car, keys. This works for approximately 8 minutes. That's pretty big over here. Success!
Oh and also mother's day! Happy belated to all my mama friends.
Here are Sienna and me before heading off to a bridal shower (yes, a bridal shower on mother's day?) and enjoying the sunshine!
This one also looks distorted. Maybe it's my computer?
Either way, happy toddlerhood, happy mother's day, happy almost summer!

May 7, 2013

Wedding Season 2013 is upon us!

This weekend we packed up our bags, our car, our snacks, our girl, and our ridiculous amount of baby luggage.

We headed south towards Charlottesville, J's old college stomping grounds. His UVA friends are true gems and the fact that they've proven to be the greatest husbands and dads around is not lost on me.

Virginia's campus is gorgeous- and S came home with quite a few UVA outfits (okay as did mama because I expected MUCH warmer weather and needed a sweatshirt). We explored, we ate good food, we walked and talked and dined al fresco with all the babes.

The actual wedding was at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard. So gorgeous! One of the best venues we've ever seen. The views, the amazing porch that overlooked the mountains for cocktail hour. The inside of the barn for the reception. It was a picture perfect wedding out of a magazine. We had the best time. And the bride + groom, Jess and James, were gorgeous too!

One of my favorite parts of this weekend was the Sunday morning gathering and brunch with all the friends and babies. J's known these guys forever. And the fact that there are so many babies and kiddos that join our get togethers make things crazy, chaotic- and more fun than we could have ever expected.

These babies range from eight weeks to five years old. I loved every minute of seeing them interact. Sienna was obsessed with the older kids and walked around saying "baby" when she saw the little ones younger than her.

Awesome weekend (not so awesome car trip home) and awesome time visiting with some of the greatest people we know.

Love to James + Jessica! Congrats Newlyweds! Can't wait for the next UVA family reunion!
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