April 23, 2014

On having girls...

We found out about a month ago that we are having another girl. The joy of having a sister is one I only experienced through my long-time best friends, but never through blood. Never through growing up trying on each other's shoes and giggling when we should be sleeping. I hope that my girls will grow together, though I'm sure they will be different. I hope they cheer each other on in sports, and feed each other Ben & Jerry's after a break up. I hope they are fiercely protective of eachother, but also kindly competitive. In short, I'm really excited for Sienna to have a sister and vice versa. 

But, this thing happened. Since we found out we were having a girl, everyone feels it's okay to ask right away; are you having a third? You're still young, you can try for that boy. Two girls? I feel sorry for Jamie. Facebook (I deleted the comments, they are not funny to me), real life, people seem to have no idea that's sort of a harsh question/statement. It's like asking if we are sad we are getting this new child. When I found out I was having a girl the first time, I got cards. I got cute bows. This time? Nothing. Maybe this is just a product of baby #2? I don't expect gifts to roll out in front of me. But recognition of a new little girl coming into our lives would be nice. A HUGE thank you to my sweet friend Sarah and little Morgan for sending us a sisters book. The little gesture made a huge difference to me. It's nice to know that it can be a joy- and Sarah has a little sister herself so she for sure knows all the ups and downs of sisterhood. 

This morning, I saw this article posted on facebook. Of course having girls is somewhat different than having boys. There is that whole anatomy and hormones and puberty thing. But really, there is no reason having a girl limits the fun or the gross (S is currently obsessed with worms) that comes with having a boy. I love how succinctly he puts it- life is pretty wonderful.

And the same goes for my mama friends with all boys- it's just a gender. It doesn't define who they are. Hopefully, if we are all good kind parents, that will hopefully define them far more than what color newborn hat they get in the hospital.

So stop asking if we are having more kids just because we will have two girls;  for now we are grateful for a healthy looking babe who has a heart that's pumping well and good kidney function and a brain that looks fantastic. That's not sarcasm- it's true. Thankful for health, excited for what this new little one will bring to our lives. If she's anything as much as a spitfire as Sienna, we will have a highly entertaining next 18 years.  So here's to my two girls- I can't wait for you two to adventure through life together.

Sienna holding her worm friend. See, girls can like dirt and bugs too.


April 21, 2014

22 weeks and counting.. Also we are going to DISNEY WORLD.

This weekend marked 22 weeks. Do second pregnancies always go faster than first pregnancies? The days are flying by and I find myself having to think hard about what we need and what we don't. When we first found out we were having a girl, I was soooo organized and started to go through clothes. That hasn't happened since that week. I guess that's what summer is for, right? I also realized that a lot of my non maternity stretch dresses are the PERFECT solution to in between super preggo and non preggo. This one in the photo below is a cheapy Old Navy purchase from the fall after I had Sienna. Pays to keep things around!

Weeks: 22
Feeling: Stilllll tired. Another been there before mama told me recently that the second trimester energy surge doesn't happen once you already have a kid at home. This is true so far, but I still feel far better than trimester one. And more excited too.
Belly:  In the words of my friend Sarah, people would likely offer me a subway seat now. I'm loving being out of the weird stage and onto the actual pregnant belly.
Movement: Tons. A lot is straight down. It wakes me up. If the cat lays on my belly and purrs, she moves so much more. It's so nice to be into the "I can feel her moving and know she's doing okay in there" stage.
Craving: With Easter passing, jelly beans (eek) were this week's craze. But generally still hanging in there with my fruit, veggie, and cheese desires. Meat still isn't big on my list. But I did have a delish grilled burger this weekend that hit the spot.
Gender: Girly girl and Sienna thinks her name should be "Minnie". Sometimes "Sarah".
Random thoughts: Excited for another ultrasound on Weds. They need to check my placenta but as far as I'm concerned just another chance to see the little one in there!

Other thoughts include: Was I crazy to book a trip to Disney pregnant with a toddler? It's going to be 90 degrees. Send water and prayers. And advice. And any recommendations for good comfy sneakers. Wish us luck!


April 17, 2014

First Date-A-Versary-ISH

The other day, I was daydreaming while driving. For some reason, I was thinking about which necklaces would look cute on my night out with my friends in Philly. My mind suddenly flashed to this long-chain, antique looking, heart locket of a necklace my mom has.

And suddenly, I was there. I was back eight years ago, dressed in my True Religion jeans, a tank top, a sparklyish short shrug sweater (remember that trend??) and my mom's long heart necklace. Maybe it was good luck that I just didn't know was coming. I don't remember the date of my first date with Jamie. That seems so bizarre to me. I'm queen of nostalgia. But I know we met on St. Patrick's day and had our first date alone, without friends there, a few weeks later. So, in April 2006, eight years ago, Jamie picked me up in that outfit.

I remember the smell of his red Jeep Cherokee (at the time I remember thinking it was handsome cologne. In retrospect, I think it mayyyy have been leftover soccer stench covered with said cologne). I know he was wearing his Lucky Brand jeans and a button down shirt. And his favorite J. Lindeberg belt- that has sadly long since been broken.

I can vividly remember our email exchange that week, discussing any food avoidances I have (duh, none), and that he would come to me and take me to dinner. I remember we used to email back and forth questions about each other every day... I remember laughing at those emails and the crazy things Jamie said. I remember that around that same time J told me he drank 64 ounces of water a day while at work and that his favorite food was sushi.

We went to Fish Tank. A small restaurant in Manayunk I loved. He picked the place. He picked our wine, with my approval of course. My best guess is that back then he bent more for me than he showed because I remember it was a white (sweetish) wine and I now know a Malbec is more his speed. He ordered a full bronzino. We sat at dinner for hours. I remember that it was so warm that night and I was so filled with hope. I think some part of me knew then, on date one, this was my forever. I think some part of me also knew it wasn't yet. But I just had a feeling...

For some reason, all it took was a simple thought of that necklace to bring it swirling back.. Mom, I don't know if you even knew I had that for a year, but I did. It went on our first date. It brings back the most treasured memories to me.

Those early days are so irreplaceable. How thankful I am that we walked down this path...

This is NOT our first date. But it was that summer. And I love this photo.


April 9, 2014

Sienna + Stella

About two years ago, I wrote this post. We took the seven (turned into nine with a baby) drive to Boston to meet Stella. It blows my mind that we decided to trek that far with a six week old, but looking back, I am SO glad we did. Two days without sleep and with a fussing infant in the car was worth it. In fact, maybe this is just rose colored glasses, but I sort of remember Sienna being an angel on that trip.

I didn't know it, but keeping our girls close from day one would pay off. Some of their first words were each other's names. If you ask Sienna who is going to sleep in her room, she always says Stella (they have never had a same room sleep over but alas...) They literally light up when they see each other. They clap and squeal and chase each other around. Sienna's lovie is fondly known as BaBa (a lamb) while Stella's is Ooh (a monkey). When they find the other's lovie, they walk run to give it to the other one, saying "awww" as they go.

Sienna's getting a sister, and I know she will have the most loving, tumultuous at times, close knit relationship with her. But a cousin is different. You don't have to share parents or share attention. You just share your best moments. Your hilarious endless laughter. I am forever, forever grateful we made that trek when Stella was born. I will always cherish the baby and toddler moments these two girls had together. I smile when I think about our adventures. They are only two and already we've taken them to upstate NY together, Avalon, New Hampshire, a bazillion drives from Yardley-Wilmington-Bel Air, and up next is Disney. When they are together, the world feels right. It's silly and cliche, but it's true. While Stella walked early, Sienna was still tumbling over. When Sienna was drawing nice circles, Stella was throwing crayons. They are so different but they are like puzzle pieces that were meant to be together.

Sienna, treasure your cousin. She will have childhood memories of you that no one else will-- not even your new sister in these first few years. She will stand up for you and love you and know that even when your parents act crazy, it's for a good cause. 

To a friendship that as far as I can tell, was always meant to be. I love you girls.

Here's a timeline of my favorite photos of the BFFs.


April 4, 2014

H A L F W A Y there...

So here we are twenty weeks. Halfway there.

Sort of crazy because halfway there with Sienna seemed to take forever. Halfway there with baby two seems like it happened overnight. Here we are moving along with the belly. Sweatshirt on the left? I live in it. It's not maternity but makes me feel like a half normal person.

Feeling: Still tired. More excited.
Belly: Growing daily. Last night my mom said "no one would mistake that you're pregnant now"
Movement: Yes, but once again my placenta is anterior so it's dull. Except when I feel movement straight down. Not my favorite. Mostly in the morning, which is complete opposite from Sienna.
Craving: Lots of salt. And lots of water. I guess this makes sense.
Gender: GIRL! Sienna is getting a baby sister!
Random thoughts: I need to figure out where this baby is going to sleep. We know we won't stay in this house forever, and sort of don't want to turn another room into a nursery. TBD.


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