July 31, 2011

Facebook Hacker

Do you know what's really cool annoying and makes me want to bang my head against the wall? When my facebook profile gets hacked, and the hacker is smart enough to change my password, my email accounts, and my phone number so I can't get back in.

If anyone has any facebook connections or brilliant ideas, send them my way.

Oh I've already reported it myself (x2), written 2 emails to facebook, and had many people report it. I also submitted a thing about hacking to fb via their forms. No avail. Still got boobs as my profile picture. Not my boobs. But, still, boobs. Not so good for the professional or personal life I live. Help!

July 27, 2011

Why you've seen no renovation or project pictures lately

We've been on hiatus. But in the spirit of starting this blog because of house-related projects and keeping track, let's have a little chat about the projects I've got in the back of my mind. And for fun, let's list them by room. And by fun, I mean so I can check them off and/or cross them off after they are done and feel happy inside. So don't worry, despite feeling like things look like a house, there's TONS to do.

Front Porch 
Replace railing with white new railing

Backsplash (did I ever mention the counter installation was messed up a bit and we can't move our stove, so this is sort of a difficult project)
Toe kicks (the part under the cabinets)
Paint the eating area a slate blue color (on bottom, white on top)
Hang either shelves or pictures in said eating area (think YHL shelves in their old house).
New kitchen table (either build (J not me) or buy)
Install big sliding glass door to open to deck.

Family Room 
Get a NEW DYSON (oh sorry had to throw that in there)
Decide if we are ever going to put up curtains
Put up curtains mayyyybe
Eventually get a new oversized rug (maybe light yellow or slate blue to match kitchen)

New railing

Upstairs Hallway
Finish Trim
Purchase & refinish console table to go under wedding photo in entry area

Bathroom Upstairs 
Finish trim
Put door on closet

Guest Room
Large photo frames for wall decor
Runner or small carpet

Master Bedroom
Make headboard for our bed (my newly DIY-er friend Kelly just gave me some cool ideas today- going to see how her projects go first and then decide on ours)
Grey printed pattern curtains (Make or Buy- anyone have any suggestions??)
Hang J's belt and tie hooks

Finish trim (seriously, what the hell? why do we neverrrr finish trim??)
Maybe eventually board and batten
Refinish cabinet from kitchen, wallpaper the backing, turn into bookshelf/storage area. 

Back Deck
Water stain
Set up patio furniture (which we already own)

Hmmm the list is never- ending and of course is always puncuated with me needing to "decorate" whatever I come across. But here it is. Hopefully I'll be slowly but surely bringing you the progress. I need to pick up my pace here with trying to get things done! Summer has been so busy. We are off to NY for my wonderful friend Jen's wedding this weekend! I guess these will just have to wait some more....

Happy DIY-ing! xo

July 26, 2011

A post a week.... I'm SLOW lately. Anyone wanna chat about the DE state Fair? I thought so.

On Friday we had to unfortunately go to a funeral for J's family member. But, it was more of a celebration of life than a sad mourning-filled day. And his wonderful wife had this great idea for everyone to share stories and memories. We laughed and learned a lot about J's dad and his cousins growing up. J's sister says she wants people to wear hot pink at her funeral. I say I want mac n cheese served at mine. To each his own (Teach his own, Em).

So we're getting ready to leave and my wonderful chef of a brother-in-law who finally has a Friday night off has a BRILLIANT plan. We should go to the Delaware State Fair. In 99 degree weather. On a Friday night. The first weekend it's open. I have flashes of fear of hot, crowded... and worst of all... slower lower down staters from the farms moving in their slower (slow) lower fashion. Umm no. I said no. Did you not hear me, Nino? Did you not hear me, J? Well I said no about 5 times and was quickly outvoted outwhined by J and our nephew Keller who kept saying how FUN it would be.

I went to the Delaware State Fair. I didn't want to. But I went. It was indeed 99 degrees. And when J said I'd be the best dressed one there in a $12 sundress I bought at TJ Maxx, it was no lie. I was not only best dressed, I was the only one in a real life outfit. Even seriously fashionable Emily downgraded her clothes form a cute sundress to cut offs and a t-shirt. Okay, let's talk about wardrobes of people not in my family. The actual disaster wardrobes. When did 12 year old girls grow boobs and moreover, be allowed OUT OF THEIR HOUSES with said boobs exposed?! My dad would have chained me to the wall if I attempted that. Chained me to the wall, cemented my feet in the ground, and fed me under my door. I don't think this is even an exaggeration. They also wore shorts short enough to see their butts. Umm inappropriate? That was just the teenagers. There were wifebeaters, and cowboy boots. There were half dressed little kids. In the words of my dear dear SIL, "The State fair gives Walmart a run for its money...."

Okay so fine, this is NOT the best dressed contest of the world. And it's not the best manners contest either. It is certainly not the most high class event you've ever been to. BUT if you want fried food, here it is. Nino lured me into the fair with the promise of fried mac n cheese. Guess who had no self control and couldn't even wait to find that booth? Guess who instead about 10 minutes into our adventure ate an entire thing of cheese fries and licked her fingers? Yep, that's me. There was fried chicken on a stick, fried oreos, fried hot dogs. You name it, there it was. And ohhh the lemonade. Fresh squeezed. Frozen. SO GOOD.

You know what a fair is good for? There is only one good answer for that. A four-year-old. Keller LOVED the fair. He smiled he laughed he squealed. It was fun to watch him. ALMOST made it worth being outside in 99 degree weather for a few more hours.
Oh, wait, also young at heart dads and uncles also like rides. And running around. And fried food. So they like fairs too.
K was SUPER brave and did an entire obstacle course thing on his own. Best part? The slide was so humid at the end he kept getting stuck and then scooting himself down on his own. Poor little guy.
And as if we needed anything further to end this post.... "Sponge Bob says HAVE FUN at the FAIR!"

I'm a Delaware resident now. This is my life. God help me. Thank god we've got Rehoboth, Thrasher's, and no sales tax at my local Nordstroms to make up for this.

ps I MAY have maybe had a little fun. MAYBE. shhh don't tell.

July 20, 2011

Unmatching Socks and why doesn't something EXIST TO FIX THIS?!?!?

Why do I always have a pile of socks left when I am done folding laundry? Why is it that we can renovate entire kitchens, re-tile walls, and redo furniture, but we cannot possible match socks?

I admit, one of the issues is that we are ALWAYS behind in laundry. I blame this on our busy summer schedule, weddings, beach weekends, and the long commute that leaves me too tired to do like 8 loads of laundry per week. No, I don't know how two people create such a large amount of dirty clothes. I blame soccer games, evenings that are too hot for work clothes, working out, and night events on the weekends. These all mean multiple outfits per day. And our pile of laundry in our basement sometimes rivals probably is higher than Mt. Rushmore. Despite our efforts, this happens.

And do you know where our socks are? In the mountain somewhere. So true, maybe sometimes they get put in different loads of wash. But I swear, even when I wash a new pack of 8 pairs of socks, I'm missing one or two. Or maybe one is stuck to a shirt, gets folded, and never is seen again (until said shirt gets washed and I can't find the damn match to the sock!) What am I supposed to do?!

I want the socks in my loads of laundry to look like this:
Not asking for perfection, it's cool if they all don't fold evenly, like in the picture above. But count those bad boys--- 38 PAIRS OF SOCKS. Why don't I have 38 pairs of nicely matched socks?

Anyway.... someone invent something. Like a one of a kind magnet or something of the sort that attracts only the pair to each other? Anyone? I know there are some things that exist, but nothing as high tech as I want that would actually be worth it.

To all the husbands of the world, if you invent this, your wife will be happy and you'll be rich. Not a bad day.

July 18, 2011

Roma Summer Reunion

When I had dinner with my Roma ladies back in the Spring, we agreed we should do it more often. Of course, with seven of us, this is never an easy feat. We have to chase after each other via facebook, gmail, phone calls. We planned for a Sunday mid-afternoon get together at Regina's. Well, Regina had a baby shower to attend. Then we switched it to my house. Regina would come after her shower. Then they dropped like flies... work, weddings, etc, kept us from having a full seven people. Optimistically, I set the table for six juuust in case. It ended up being four of us (plus Bridgett's perfect baby), and my wonderful hubs who grilled our food for us. Still, worth it. We will book for our Fall Reunion even sooner.

And let's be honest... I love a chance to use my pretty fiesta ware from my registry, a good table runner (Pier1 is my fav for that stuff), and some stemware. On quick notice, I came up with this:

I also stole a little trick- but not as pretty- from Shannanigans and put some chips in cups, and set up some appetizers on our tall table in the family room.
Mmm that's cheese in the forefront. Who doesn't love some good cheese? Especially when you are reuniting with girls you went to Rome with... where you lived on cheese. And fruit, sometimes fruit. But a lot of cheese.

Oh let's discuss Bridgett's perfect baby. HE DOESN'T CRY. Well, he does, he did once. Once. When he managed to roll over and bang his head into the floor. But other than that, nope. And do you know what else this kid does? Magic tricks. He naps anywhere! Like on my couch while his mommy ate.
Danny is the cuuuuutest little guy and so sweet. I told Bridg that I am going to steal him because a baby that well behaved and happy is a dream.
He decided Jess' hand (with icing on it) tasted great. So yum yum yum.

We ate, we drank, we talked about vacuum cleaners (we are old) and men (things don't change that much) and our next reunion. These girls represent one of the best summers of my life. So glad to have them.
Roma Foreverrrr xo

July 15, 2011

Ashley, I can't handle the tears but I WOULD like to see a TV wedding...

Remember back in the day when I used to be obsessed with all things reality tv? Well, I still am. I still tear open US Weekly every Friday after work if there is any mention of anything bachelor or bachelorette. And while I've been quiet on my opinions this season, I just have to talk about Ashley now that we're down to the final four.

Here's what I've got to say: I think this girl means well, but mannn is she drama. And that's coming from me. She cries every.single.time a guy doesn't gush all over her. Now, I know we all get swept up in the magical Cinderella sparkles that is the Bachelor, and I do love myself a good television proposal, but it is 6 weeks. So Ash, if these men are not literally falling all over you at the first kiss, give them a BREAK.

But, now that you've roped four in with your fake hair and eyelashes found a few good men who will let you meet their parents, let's discuss how far you've come since the days of Brad when you blinked your eyes like a doe (that's a deer,  female deer). You have somehow made yourself look like you have boobs (a big move), and also, I need to say, at least you've become more assertive. If you don't like them, they're out. But, you like so many of them... and the Bentley scenes still haunt my dreams... not really, but they were horrible.

Soooo here's who we've got left. Let's take a look.

First up: My favorite, JP.
I think last week half of the people who watch this show started to dislike JP. Because he wassss sort of a weirdo when she went on other dates. But overall, he seems like a nice guy. And he seems emotional enough that he won't peace out on Ashley for acting like madam clings-a-lot.

Ummm Ben and Constantine- their hair is the same. Ben is a little cuter. And I don't love either one. They don't get their own little posts. I think they will both go home. I'm not sure when, but I don't see either of them with Ashley. Especially Constantine, he still only seems half invested to me.
See? Neither is especially heart-stopping. But I guess Ashley likes that they still like her likes them. Good for you, Ashley.

Then we've got Ames. I really do like Ames as a person. If I ever was going on a cool Safari or like a jungle adventure, I'd want Ames to be my tour guide. He is fun, spontaneous, would move to a different country on the drop of a dime. He's a cool dude. But husband? For Ashley? Doubtful. She'd cry if he said he had rugby practice that night (no I don't know if he plays Rugby, have an imagination), never mind if he took a trip off the coast of Africa to shark dive. So while Ames seems nice (and cute), he is not my pick either.
So I guess JP is my pick. I think they'd make a good TV engagement too. And also let's be honest, everyyyy season I find something I don't like, and everyyyy season I'm back. In conclusion, Ashley is a big over the top needy, but I guess she's just a regular girl in her 30s lookin for love. Wait she is 26. How is this chick 26 and finished with dental school and practicing? Is she in her residency? Can you just LEAVE residency for reality TV? I just added to my own confusion.

Well Ashley, I wish you and your pretty hair a engagement that lasts. Because, let's be serious, I want to watch a million dollar television wedding to watch too. So even if your marriage won't last a long time, let's pull together a big ring, a fancy dress, and a production. After all, once you sign up for the Bachelorette, you're signing up to have your life broadcast into my home forever. xo.

July 11, 2011

You need to have a FRIENDS party and a FAMILY party

That's what our nephew told us when it was J's bday. But we were off in Bermuda celebrating. So this weekend, when we were back in town, we threw a big huge birthday party small family bbq complete with birthday hats, cupcakes, and balloons. Keller said we had to. I agreed. Because umm who would ever pass up the chance to bake funfetti cupcakes and not feel guilty about eating them? Didn't your best friend/mom/random woman in the dessert section of the grocery store ever tell you calories don't count on your birthday? So I extended that to J's birthday.

So we had some food, some fun, and some balloon animals. But you know what you can never be toooootally read for? When your 4 year old sometimes smarter than you nephew requests a football helmet "balloon animal".  You know what's even better? When your sweet hubby decides, sure, why not... if it's a football helmet you want, it's one you will get (soooort of).

Points for good sportsmanship. I think I cut said football helmet in half after the party so the crazy demon cats didn't eat it. Oh were you wondering about those furballs? They're doing well and not fighting right this moment. Oh also we got "pill pockets"- treats- to put their meds in, which my glil (sounds like a rapper but is just my college sorority fam member) suggested in the beginning. I denied, but they dooo work. Most of the time. Until Dex regurgitates a small amount of the treat back up including the meds. I digress.

You know who else came to the very exciting birthday party? My favorite pretty little lady niece with her eyes big and blue as per the usual.

She gets an A for sportsmanship, too. Because she wore a birthday hat. What 9 month old does that? Also, she is standing on her own. Impressive Hazel, verrrry impressive. Hazel also loves J right now, which I love and think is the cuuuutest thing since sliced bread. Wait, that's not the cutest. But I don't know what is the cutest. This is.

J also had a birthday cake cupcakes that I sort of overbaked. Oh well, they were delicious anyway. Keller helped him blow out the candles with the balloon blower upper (no idea what real name would be).

I love this photo and how happy Keller is. Notice all the random happy birthday streamers in the background. Speaking of background, this kitchen needs to be painted. I hate the green on top now that our kitchen is refinished. I am thinking of a slate blue/grey color for the bottom half actually and white on the top- but we will see. I learned on HGTV color on the bottom half = bigger looking room. Thanks HGTV for the tip.

We also celebrated with my parents and had a cake on Friday night. So much family time in one weekend! But we'll take it because the rest of the weekend was relaxy and full of naps and movies- totally up my alley.
oh look, our cat who loves cake wanted to be in the picture. and look! no hissing. no biting. love city.

So happy birthday AGAIN J, and happy family party. I hope that you had your friend party at work, because I don't think I am throwing you one of those.

Cheers to Balloon Animals & Child level birthday excitement! xo

July 6, 2011

Bermuda was Quite Nice.

Everywhere we went in Bermuda, the natives spoke in a half British half Caribbean accent and told us that things were "quite nice". The weather was quite nice, the island was quite nice, the rockfish was quite nice. So now when people ask J how vacation was, he says it was quite nice. And it really was.

The flight to Bermuda is SO easy. 1 hour, 47 minutes. Customs is a breeze. And soon we were in a cab jetting off to our hotel. We stayed at the Fairmont Princess in Hamilton. The hotel was gorgeous and is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Bermuda. When we went to check in we got a fantastic surprise. SOMEHOW (J gave me side eye and thought I upgraded us, I did not!) we got put into the "Fairmont Gold Club" and were told we could check in with our private concierge. Ooookay, why not. Basically being gold members meant there was a huge lounge with books and internet and dvds we could hang out in. Also, it meant free breakfast every day, tea time from 2-4 every day with snacks and free drinks, and appetizers from 5-7 every day. All free. Sure, why not?! It was actually great because we could grab breakfast in the morning and then weren't starving for lunch time.  Thanks Fairmont, you won our heart with this move.

We spent some time at Elbow Beach the first day. And we asked our cab driver on the way back what the local fare is in Bermuda. He said rockfish and fish chowder... and J ate them like every dayyy.
It was good, I admit. But every day? I could pass on it a few times. And I did. In fact, I ate chicken fingers and french fries one night. Reaaaaaal Bermudian. Whatevs, I was on vacation and my norm (though I would love if this were the case) is not chicken fingers and fries. So I splurged.

So the Fairmont Princess we stayed at in Hamilton has a ferry that runs from our hotel to the Fairmont Southampton across the island. So we boarded at 10 am on day #2 and spent the day on their beach.

 Bermuda beaches are seriously the most beautiful I've ever seen. Because the water is SO BLUE and so clear you can see to the bottom. Oh, which totally freaked me out when an entire SCHOOL of fish were surrounding me. I kept flailing in the water, just like you are not supposed to do when animals are near you. I was told in Hawaii my rings may attract fish. So then I was swimming with my hand out of the water like an idiot. The fish loved me though and I had to eventually escape them. But they were really pretty when I finally calmed down. I should not be such a spaz sometimes. The Southampton was great and we were happy with our choice of Fairmont Hotels. They had great service and smiles and told us things were indeed... quite nice.

And a happy treat on our vacation was that Laurie and Joe were in Bermuda too! We met up on Friday for an ice cream date. Laurie and Joe were on babymoon preparing for the littlest Steffa to arrive in September! Laurie looks amazing... they are going to be great parents! Loved seeing you two on vacation!

Anddd since we know J cannot sit still for more than like, 7 minutes on the beach, we took an adventure to go see the Crystal Caves one day. It is this underground water cave. The water is so clear you can see up to 150 feet into the water. And our guide was awesome and told us about how two kids found this cave by accident when their cricket ball went into a sink hole. I was impressed. J likes learning. Two thumbs up, and only a morning activity so still had the afternoon to relax in the sun!

We also did some perusing in the town of Hamilton and eating at different restaurants. All of which were great. I don't think we had a single serving of food that wasn't great our entire trip.
Oh, and while the weather predicted POURING rain the entire time, it held out for most of our trip. It did rain really hard one night, so we opted to eat in the (really nice) hotel restaurant. Despite our waitress having a mix of ADHD and overwhelmedness, dinner was still a favorite- including J's flaming dessert!

Anddd guess what ELSE happened in Bermuda? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE DAY!!! We spent J's birthday morning totally relaxing and slept in. We had breakfast in the ever friendly Gold room, and then took our time getting down to the pool. Such a great day.

Sunday night we made our way into town for J's birthday dinner. The town of Hamilton is really pretty.

J's birthday dinner was at Port O Call  courtesy of my fantastic parents who called the restaurant and got us a gift certificate for birthday present. They are so thoughtful. Quite Nice!

Oh, by the way dad, they had your middle initial as a C. Bizarre, right? Maybe they were throwing in the Coppa name for good measure? 

Happy Happy Birthday to the best husband I could ask for. You make a life changing partner and the best travel companion I can imagine. So excited we got to spend your birthday vacationing together.

Of course we had to get some more sun time in on our last day before shoving off...

In conclusion, go to Bermuda with your husband, eat a lot of food, celebrate happiness and birthdays, and take it all in. Oh, and meeting up with some friends doesn't hurt either. Happy Vacationing, Happy 4th of July America (even though Bermuda DOES have fireworks- and they call themselves British?!), and Happy Birthday Jamie!
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