December 28, 2011

there's a reason i love photos

Photos capture the moments that we never want to forget. Christmas morning Hazel cuddled up to J and I caught it on film sd card.

I'll update more later with some christmasy joyful posts, including gifts, family, friends, and more happy photos. xo

December 23, 2011


Not like the MTV show, though I did love that show. Especially when they showed me their 10 lamborghinis in the driveway.

Well it's christmas eve eve. I can't help but love this time of year. A time of presents, presents, and more presents and time with family and friends. Baby got her present early. Well, baby isn't here yet so I guess it is a SUPER early gift from her grandparents. My mom and dad ordered our crib for us awhile ago and it got delivered yesterday. It is DREAMY. It is sort of a tannish grey worn wood look. It blends perfectly with the room. The random greys, tans, whites, and offwhites all seem to compliment each other even though nothing matches "perfectly".

Merry Christmas Eve! xo

December 21, 2011

Disaster nanny applicants

If you were applying for a job, would you spell words incorrectly, leave out an addressing line (you know, no "hi" even), and copy and paste a letter from another job?  Apparently in the nanny industry, they missed the memo. Or at least the people applying to this job did!

When you write me a letter to apply for a nanny position, please do the following things.

1. Consider the things I am asking for. If you can't work the days I posted, don't ask me to change them. If you are 17 and still in high school, clearly a full day nanny job won't work. If you have never taken care of an infant, don't email me. Most importantly, your info is double checked. Refer to #5.

2. Write my name. Address me like I am a person. I state my name clearly in the job posting. Even a "Hi, Meghan" would suffice. But no, that's apparently too much to ask.

3. Spell check. There is this neat button on computers that says ABC with a check mark next to it. USE IT.

4. Don't copy and paste your letter applying to nanny for a 5 year old into the "cover letter" you write to me. I can see through you. Also, my 10 week old will not need to "learn computer skills" or "learn to paint". Not yet anyway.

5. Don't lie. Please please don't lie. Because if your cover letter and your online profile tell two different stories, I know one is not true. I do. So just don't do it. Be honest.

PS there are normal wonderful women applying who I do plan to interview. But I have to weed out the other 98% to get to them. And I promise if you are my actual nanny, I will not blog about you. Maybe.

December 20, 2011

In case you were wondering where the crazy cats went...

We are out of cat prozac. We have been for awhile but I thought I'd let it ride. In the past week the increase in hissing in our home is making me wonder if my cats are SSRI lovers for life. In fairness to them, the cat phermones (feliway) we usually have in our home are also out. Prozac is cheaper than Feliway.  Cats may be re-drugged soon.

Oh also in the last week, they have thought it was fun to:
- vomit on the floor x3
-leave a piece of poop on our nice carpet
-eat hair out of the bathroom trashcan.

Guess they are preparing me for having an infant... vomit and poop on things.

Good thing they are cute. Off to feed the devils and offer them some cheese as a peace offering until I can refill their nice cat meds. Maybe that will help. Cheese always makes me feel better.

December 18, 2011

I have a sneaking suspicion love actually IS all around us...

Long post warning. If you just want the pics of the updated nursery, scroll down.

The past two weeks have been full of Christmasy love and happiness, baby celebrations, and family time. I posted about my shower at my mom's house, but since then (only a mere week and a day ago), I've gone shopping a few times for christmas to pick up a few odds and ends, yoga-ed with some other preggo ladies, celebrated the holiday season with a work polyana and delicious treats, caught up with old friends over dinner, picked up some baby furniture, traveled to CT, spent a night & morning with one of my best friends and her husband, had baby shower #2, celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday, and started to organize baby's room. Busy is an understatment, but love is an even greater one. I have felt filled with happiness, baby kicks, and of course some fatigue over the last 8 days, but I would not have it any other way. As we made the trek back from Connecticut to Delaware today, we stopped a few times along the way. The trip wasn't rushed, but filled with Christmas music, some good conversations with J, and some starbucks holiday drinks. I couldn't ask for more.

Except, except EXCEPT!!! to somehow deal with the bags, boxes, and packages that had made their way into baby's room. The entire left wall was covered... and our jeep was full of more baby joy from this weekend's celebration as well. I felt like something had to be done.... so I took on a big big task. I cleaned out the closet. The closet was full of dresses I forgot I owned, shoes purchased for a one-time wear, and two full trashbags of clothes I realized I will never sport again- someone else can use this christmas season. With a 'good will' label etched on the trash bags in sharpie, they got tossed in the hallway.

There was a point, about a week ago, I swore our child would go naked because we had no baby clothes. That is not anywhere close to the truth. So the closet got cleaned, filled with baby things, the glider got assembled, and our side table got covered in a family passed down blanket that has hearts embroidered into it if you look closely.

Oh yeah sorry baby, but mama's shoes have to stay. There's no where else to hang that shoe holder and it has some of my favs. Oh but don't worry, on the hanging shelves in there on the right, the second section is COMPLETELY full of socks and shoes for baby. She's taking after me already. 

Now the room has lots of space. We still need to take the book shelf out of there now, paint it white, and get rid of the grown up books... but this is definitely major improvement. Oh and our cute car seat is making an appearance here too. Love the color of it!

The glider is so soft and comfy, with the best material.  Those anthro curtains that once stole my heart are on the outswing. J's mom found the most adorbs baby appropriate fabric and plans to sew us new ones. So excited for those. Next up the crib comes on Thursday and then we can figure out how much more room we have for the other items we need to fit.

I can't wait for another weekend filled with celebrations and family time. Up next on the agenda is Melissa + Scott engagement party Friday, Christmas Eve with my family, and then Christmas day with J's family. I love watching our niece and nephew open presents. And I sort of love the holiday season being pregnant. I highly recommend it. It's already naturally full of so much warmth, friends, family, and love.  Baby W is going to love Christmas time, I just know it! Feeling extra lucky and happy these days. Life is very very good. xo

December 13, 2011

homecoming outfit

Not homecoming circa the 1990s wearing sparkly shirts and black pants (though that was admittedly an entertaining time)... homecoming as in when we bring the baby home from the hospital.

I got this in the mail yesterday.

It's so teeny. And light dusty pink colored. And adorable. *insert excited girl squeal here*

December 11, 2011

showered with love.

My mom put together my baby shower this weekend in her home. It was a day full of friends, family, laughter, and tons of baby-ness. Baby Walls is so lucky because she already has so many people who love her. And who brought her some fantastic gifts.

Christmas + baby can be a hard party to decorate for, but as per usual my mom pulled through and did the best job. She mixed christmas with pink in the best fashion, and our baby girl was pre-welcomed by tons of women who I love.

Love all the little stockings under "the stockings were hung" sign. And when my mom went to take it down this morning, my brother said to leave it up there... so now the soon to be grandbabies will be thought of through the season. So cute. Not to mention when it does come down I take all those little socks, boots, and booties home. Warm feet all around.

Present opening was less awkward than bridal-showering because for the most part they were for baby & not technically us! There were so many cute things and I loved them all. A few special things made appearance. And my niece Hazel lent a hand in the unwrapping and displaying of some of the things she highly recommends (she's only 1, she remembers). My dad sent along a gift of traditions: an outfit for the St. Patricks day party, pajamas for Christmas next year, baby hiking boots for Mt. Washington, and a UCONN sweatsuit for March Madness. A perfect gift. Oh and my mom somehow managed to pick out and give me the petunia pickle bottom diaper bag I'd been eyeing but could not find at PB kids to actually add to the registry. Obsessed. J's sister Emily got J the Diaper Dude diaper bag (yep, I'm setting expectations early here) and stuffed it with everything he will need, including a change of clothes. Hilarious and awesome. We are so lucky.

Tiffany Silver Spoon

Hazey approves of the gym.

Blankey makes a comeback.
my very favorite person.

I can't possibly post pictures or even name all of the wonderful things I was given for Baby W. But, suffice it to say... it was overwhelmingly generous and I loved every item. We brought some home with us this trip and some will come home on Christmas. To those of you who were there, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Jamie and I know baby will be well taken care of and well clothed during her first year!

Next weekend we are having a mini baby shower in Connecticut so my grandmas who have a hard time traveling this far can be with us. And today we started clearing out the nursery... but that deserves its own post and an extra big THANKS to my parents who trekked down from Yardley to help us at our house after hosting an amazing weekend at their house. Can't wait for more baby & holiday celebrations in the next few weeks!

December 8, 2011

I Know my blog is not famous....

I know I'm not the owner of a super famous blog. But I do know I have some readers. I know because my stats tell me so.

Anyway, MODG (otherwise known as Martinis or Diaper Genies) is actually kind of famous. And tonight, I want to post to lend my little bit that I can this christmas season by linking to her most recent post. Operation WANA. Sure, leave it to this snarky writer to call this operation wana- we are not assholes. But seriously. Go to this post, and read the comments. People who REALLY are in need this christmas are commenting. And those who can help, are commenting back to help them. We are talking families who can't buy their kids Christmas presents. And while I am not rolling in it, I know I'm lucky that the amazon boxes arrive daily and our gifts for our families are all purchased.

So go over to MODG's blog and lend a hand. It is the season of giving, after all.
Go make yourself useful. xo

December 7, 2011

Unsolicited Advice.... You can't make this stuff up....

I was in the post office today.   The lady behind me was the kind who wants to talk to you even if you try to make it known you're not super interested. I tried smiling and then ignoring, but she kept talking. In no more than six minutes, I heard the following tidbits of info.

1. She can't find her ID. It doesn't expire until 2013. She will be very upset if she has to go to the DMV.
2. BUT she is changing her name in July anyway (trying to prompt wedding convo), so it's okay.

(and my favorite- her advice to me regarding pregnancy & delivery)
3. If you are tired after you have your baby, just have them take the baby to the NICU. You will have many sleepless nights once baby comes home, so if you send them to the NICU in the hospital you can rest more.

Ummm..... last time I checked every mom is tired after child birth. That's not what the NICU is for. But thank you random lady for your advice and information. I'll be sure to take note. I bet I looked like this:

Except minus the blonde hair and the phone.

Happy Holiday errand-ing!

December 5, 2011

I need to brag.....

Not bragging about this crappy quality picture. It is pretty bad- bad lighting + quick iphone photo = sort fo blurry. BUT but but!!!All of our decorations are up! And our tree (we decided to skip the real one this year because we will barely be around in our own home) is decorated! And LOOK next to the tree... Christmas presents.

It is December 5th. We are FINISHED Christmas shopping. THERE is my brag. Go Team Walls.

December 4, 2011

who needs parenting classes when you've got youtube.

Real conversation that took place yesterday between J and I:

Me: (browsing the parent education section of our ob/gyn hospital site) 
Me: J, do you think we should sign up for the infancy class at the hospital?

J: Nope...

Me: But, um, you don't even know how to change a diaper.


J turns computer to me and smiles.

The screen? "How to change a diaper" with video selected.

Me: Sigh.

J: Besides, you know, you can teach me.

Who needs parenting classes...... we've got the interweb. We may be in trouble.

December 3, 2011

making a list, checking it twice.

Awhile ago, I posted this list that we were working on for the house. We've been moving slow and steady but we've gotten a few things checked off. In the kitchen, the backsplash tile is finished and grouting is done. I still need to get on top of those painting jobs, and work on the china cabinet. The cabinet may wait til post baby. In the "new cat room", J's dad did measure for a new door and is working on ordering the custom door and frame. We haven't moved the cat things there yet because, umm...we need a door. Which has put a hold on the baby room things. I've cleaned and moved some thigns out, but the cat things that are in there are in limbo. Ahhh at least we've crossed off a few things. 

House & Baby Prep List
Finish last piece of tile
Recessed Lighting
Light over sink
Choose paint for eating area
Paint eating area
Finish reno of china cabinet
New Cat Room
Clean out "storage" area
New FLOR carpet tiles
measure new door
frame new door
move cat things (beds, food bowls, litter)
create cat door into room
DIY Crafts & Baby Projects
Buy Anthro pulls
Change hardware on baby armoire to Anthro pulls
Buy second hand dresser
Renovate second hand dresser
DIY name project (secret even to me since we haven't picked a name yet)
Baby Room
Move all office furniture out of room & store
Clean, Clean, Clean!!! (well clean time #1)
Paint second coat of ligher yellow paint
Move in furniture (December/January delivery)
Hang chandelier & wire lighting
Clean out closet (dreading this) to make room for baby clothes
Hang Wall Decor
Umm if it's any consolation last night we put up all of our Christmas decor and baked sugar cookies. That was some effort! Maybe we will get to more of baby room-ing tomorrow. I will have to take a "before" picture soon. Lists are nice when you are crossing things off, but nooooot so nice when they remind you of all the things you've got left to do. Eeek! Better check this list twice... and three times... and maybe a fourth depending on how long it takes to get finished!!

December 1, 2011


I realize thanksgiving was last week. But I don't really think it has to be a holiday just to be thankful. I'm thankful for a fantastic holiday weekend filled with family and friends. Last weekend was a whirlwind 5 days. But it came with so many individual moments I was thankful for. Here are some of my favorites from last weekend:
  • Celebrating mom's "real" birthday day Wednesday night with her 60th present.
  • Cooking food, mid-day naps, and discussing how next Thanksgiving two new babies will be a part of this family.
  • Family meal time filled with tons of laughter.
  • Catching up with my friend Mandy because somehow our schedules never match up, and we had a whopping one hour that we were able to overlap!
  • Being allowed to work from home on Friday, and being able to curl up with a big cup of hot tea and a blanket while typing away on my laptop.
  • That I was not a crazy person at Walmart or Target at 4 am. Not. Worth. It.
  • Quiet moments with my mom on Friday before the rest of the house woke up.
  • My husband blending into my family like he's always been a part of it.
  • Breakfast with Lindsay, Laurie, and little Logan. I know your mama says you don't sleep, but you sure were a calm and sleepy baby for breakfast time!
  • The great location of the Bellevue in Philly for all of our weekend events.
  • Jamie being funny and a good sport. Making your spouse laugh is the best.
  • Reading terminal market pizza (what? I'm pregnant. There had to be some food items on the thankful list).
  • Oh fine, if we are on the food kick, dinner at Supper wasn't so bad either.
  • Sharing pregnancy with my sister-in-law and getting some new jeans maternity shopping.
  • Lazy mornings.
  • Visiting the family I used to nanny for, who are sort of like family to me themselves now.
  • Being gifted baby books, baby items, baby passdowns.
Happy birthday mama!

Just hanging with Bieber. Never say Never, J....

LOVE park with a big tummy of love!
Jamie is a model. Sometimes.

Happy Thankfulness. Can't wait for the rest of the warm happy holiday season. Ordered our Christmas cards tonight and excited to share with our family & friends!

Tis the season to be merry!
That's my name! [mary]
No shit.
(name that movie)

November 30, 2011

Little Walls likes to sleep.

We had a 3D ultrasound today. Baby was sleeping. Right now, baby is almost always sleeping between around 7 am until 10 am. She usually kicks around a bit before I get up in the morning, but during shower, hair drying, and getting myself out the door she is normally a silent little one. So when I scheduled this ultrasound at 7am, I sort of knew she'd be fast asleep. The past two early ultrasound visits, she's been snoozing. But, I love the 3D and squeezing them in before work means not taking off extra hours. So it was no surprise when little bitty was taking a nap bright and early when the tech started the ultrasound. The tech was training to specifically look at adrenal glands, so we got upgraded to the better machine (woohoo!)

Anyway, at one point, she yawned and then rubbed her arm over her eyes. LIKE A REAL BABY. My little heart melted. I could feel her kick me after that, like hey leave me alone! And then she actually turned away a few times, hoping we'd stop prodding at her. The good news is they caught the yawn on camera.... You can skip the video if 3d baby pictures freak you out a bit. But I love it.

I think she looks like J already. Maybe I'm just a crazy mama. Happy baby watching! And sweet dreams little baby, I hope you also like to nap from 7 am to 10 am when you're an outside baby!

November 27, 2011

60 memories for 60 years.

One day I was browsing Pinterest, and I found this idea for a gift, from another blogger. I immediately fell in love with it. My mom's birthday was approaching and I knew 100% I had to make this work. So I stole borrowed the letter in that original post and gave it some updates. I emailed to friends and family. I mayyyybe even broke into my moms's email account and got email addresses. For those of you too lazy to click on the link and read about the project, here's the letter I wrote to friends and family.

Dear Friends & Family,
Okay first of all, this is a seeeeecret. So don't tell Pammy I am up to something! I want her to be surprised with this gift.

I was browsing the internet and found this AWESOME looking present for a 60th bday:

As most of you if not all of you know, my mom turns 60 this year! (Sure she would love me broadcasting). I want to take this idea of "60 years of memories" and fill up 60 envelopes with memories from friends, family, etc... and let her open them on her birthday. I will take care of putting all of the letters in uniform envelopes and numbering them- like on the website above. Her birthday is near thanksgiving, so I'd love to have these by November 1st if you can help me out. Also, I don't have email addresses of everyone mom cares about (her cousins, old friends) so if anyone has someone's that they think I may have missed PLEASE pass this along. If they don't have email, tell them about the idea and feel free to pass along my mailing address.

So I need your help!!! If you have a spare moment in the next few days, we would be so grateful if you'd jot down a favorite memory you have of my mom and either email it to me or hand write it and send it my way. I know handwritten would mean a lot, if you have the time. It doesn't have to be anything fancy -- you can just write it down on a piece of paper and sign your name. You can mention anything you like -- although the more nostalgic the better!

Thank you for taking some time to share your favorite memories. I know my mom would treasure this gift more than anything we could give her. Again, please remember to keep it a secret!!

I provided my email, my mailing address, and hoped for the best. Letters starting pouring in. I looked forward to running up to the mailbox after work to see what new treasure I'd find for my mom. I knew she was a great woman already, but the stories and pictures and cards I got had me smiling, crying, and laughing. Most people didn't seal them and left them open for me to look at. Here's what my floor looked like trying to organize after everything got here:

I got cards, letters, handwritten notes. Emails, typed memories. Old photos. And the collection of them all together would make this present perfect. I bought 2 packages of manilla envelopes- one for the smaller letters, one for people like my mom's sister who sent me (no exaggeration) an album of memories. And I labeled them 1-60. 60 memories for 60 years.

Once they were all in their perspective envelopes, I wrapped them all together for the presentation. At this point, I wondered if anyone had told my mom about this, but it seemed no one had.

So on Wednesday night, we skipped out on the pre-thanksgiving bar going tradition (let's face it, 27 weeks preggo and in a crowded bar isn't my first choice anyway), packed our bags, and trekked to my parent's for my mom's actual birthday evening. While we waited for dinner to arrive I gave my mom the present and let her begin her journey down memory lane. Envelope #1 held a letter from me to my mom and explained the gift. I got a few pictures of her I loved during this. She had letters from close current friends, family members, friends of mine and mybrother's from when we were little kids. Notes from friends who live in the midwest and family who live in North Carolina. I even got a letter, photo, and the pagelong yearbook letter my mom wrote to in the 1960s to her friend, Ann, who she now emails with. That was probably one of my favorites.

The picture above is after my mom read my dad's second memory he wrote to her. They were recounting the story of a road trip trip during their early marriage days pre-kids when my mom made up a 58-verse song "George" and sang to my dad about their relationship thus far. Hilarious, and yes, she is definitely my mother. Actually both Matt and I have been known to break out in made-up songs. Our kids will appreciate that one day. Or hate it. Either way, they will laugh a lot.

The memory that took the cake and provoked some tears was from my grandpa who just passed away a few weeks ago. He sent it to me the week before he died, and hand-wrote it. He had a hard time writing but told me he wanted to make sure he was part of this present. And was he ever...

My mom loved her gift... and spent hours and hours before and after dinner going letter by letter, word by word, laughing and crying, and just kept telling us all how much it meant to her. Memory #60 contained photos of two ultrasounds- one from our baby and one from Matt and Sam's. And it read "finding out you are having two granddaughters". Our family is so lucky.

Then we had cake & mom blew out the candles. I don't know if she made a wish, but all the thanks I needed for this gift and all the time spent was worth it, when she looked up and said,

"It's good to be sixty!"

November 21, 2011

Belly rubs and Baby love... plus a housewarming

When you're pregnant, you sooometimes get left out of things. People assume you are too busy, too tired, can't travel, can't drink coctktails. And I have to live vicariously through other people's vacation photos and dirty martinis (funny thing is, I don't even love martinis, but I DO love olives lately).
But, this weekend, I didn't feel that for a minute. As I walked down the sidewalk of a cute little neighbhorhood on a mild November weekend in fishtown holding Jamie's hand, I heard squeals before I ever opened the door to my friend Jen's new home. Squeals and screams and voices telling me I was welcome there.  My friends encircled me the minute I walked in the door and made a huge fuss out of the baby belly. Most times, if strangers or people I'm mildly friends with touch my stomach, I am freaked out. But not these girls, they talked to baby, kissed baby belly, and made it clear that baby and I were welcome in their presence. It was so heartwarming and made me feel filled with happiness. Friends who are single, engaged, married. Doesn't matter, we have always been scattered in life stages but we make it work. We love each other like family and I'm so grateful for that.

Not to mention, once I found out baby was a girl, they had to buy my little one presents. Beth bought the cuuuutest shirt that says I love my auntie (sorority sisters for life) and an adorable baby gap sweater that I would wear if it came in a bigger size. And Jen brought me onesies and little booties that were pink and cute and had a little monkey on them. Adore.

The point of our get together was not to lavish my tummy with love (though that happened) or to squeal some more over Lauren's engagement and to die for diamond (also happened), it was to see Jen's new home. And it is super cute. Gorgeous hardwoods, bathrooms in every bedroom, and a lot of space for entertaining. Perfect for my newlywed friends. There's so much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for.

I'm happy in my heart.

November 19, 2011

the co-sleeping debate

I'm not a mom yet. And while my job gives me opportunities to advise others based on empirically supported research on pediatric snoozing, I don't claim to be a know-it-all of sleep. So I can say this: I am not anti-co sleeping. I am not pro co-sleeping. I am pro healthy babies and safe environments. But the ads from the Milwaukee anti co-sleeping campaing this week, in my opinion, have gone too far. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click on over here: anti-co sleeping campaign. and get the basic gist of it.

I don't like the concept of photos with knives next to babies. Nor do I like the accusation and assumption that comes along with this: Sleeping with your baby will kill them. It makes me uncomfortable and it makes me feel like all those mom decisions are being judged. Yes, do not put your tiny tiny infant next to you when you are exhausted and had 3 glasses of wine (a lot of SIDS cases result post parents using alcohol or drugs and then co-sleeping). But if it is your culture to sleep with your baby close by, and you have a safe arrangement, I am not going to step in and tell you that you might as well knife your child. This just for some reason gets under my skin.

I have a number of other blogs I follow. And sometimes the most sarcastic are the best. Take a wander over to Raising Colorado, a self-proclaimed hippy mama who is fond of co-sleeping. Her "response to the ad" cracks me up.

Now I am 100% all for babies being safe. And the truth is, I probably won't co-sleep in the very basic term of the word. Baby will be in our room, near us. But not in our bed. Mostly because Jamie tosses and turns and moves his legs like he is running from a monster in a dream and often kicks our cats off- so why not baby? But, also because to me my bed is ours. Baby will have her (gorgeous) crib to sleep in. But on nights when she is sick or unconsolable, I'm sure I'll give in a few times.

My point here is, let's watch how strongly we suggest something with butcher- like ads. And Milwaukee has one of the highest SIDS rates, so sure, do something about it. But maybe don't do this. Moms who co-sleep are not monsters. It won't be my first choice, but it works for some people.

So educate yourself on the American Academy of Pediatric Sleep Guidelines. And, here is the SIDS policy statement.OH HEY MILWAUKEE, the AAP told me if I see media with a baby not sleeping on their back to report it. Should I report you? Just saying. Also if you read this carefully,  the AAP's stance is sleep in same room, not same bed. But, there is rarely mention of avoiding co-sleeping specifically. Clearly baby on back with his/her own space, and on an appropriate surface is "best". But let's not attack the co-sleepers of the world. Because, you know, it's most of the world.

Safe babies. Less judgement. Sleepy time.

November 18, 2011


We're at 26 weeks today! Almost to the third trimester. And in unrelated news, I think winter arrived today. My "icy caution" light turned on in my car this morning on the way to work. Who told winter it was time to come to our area? I am not ready yet! I was loving fall. Dark early at night and cold when my feet hit the floor in the morning... dislike.

On the flip side, winter keeps me cool when I have my prego hot moments and feel like I am going to pass out from the heat. And lately the baby is being a little soccer player who moves around tons while I'm at work. Maybe her energy is making me warm too. That makes me happy.

And me? Well currently, I look like this:

My hair is still growing quickly and wildly. I love it. And, now that I am totally tummy popped out preg, getting dressed is easier. No more "do I look pregnant or fat" in this outfit. Just some cute little clothes. Got my dress for my baby shower in the mail today and LOVE it. I think it will last me through most of the rest of of my pregnancy too, a good perk!

My plan for being productive and possibly delving into painting this evening quickly came to a halt when I realized I had a few more errands to run for my mom's 60th birthday next week... and then my wonderful hubby cooked me dinner when I got home. Oh well, God laughs when we make plans. Or something like that.

Instead, tonight is going to be:
DVR of Regis' last Live show
Maybe a movie if my eyes stay open
Oatmeal cranberry cookies baked fresh in our new kitchen
A big mug of warm sleepytime tea
A blanket
My husband
...and likely our 2 weirdo cats who will want to force cuddling upon us.

Life is so good.

November 17, 2011

happy things and diamond rings.

This year, I cannot count the number of times this year I've beamed with joy getting phone calls, texts, and emails from friends with good news. Engagements, weddings, babies. And while there's been some sadness lately, the happy times keep rolling in too.

I love, love, love when my friends are happy.

Most recently, two of my favs got engaged. And because Baback is one of my FAVORITE faithful followers, they get an extra special shout out. Congrats you two! I can't think of two people better for each other.

I wish you a life full of happiness, cupcakes, love, and laughter graphic tees.

Oh ps if you want some advice on how to pick out an absolutely gorgeous ring, ask B. Lauren's is sparkly and show stopping.  So excited for the wedding celebrations that will come for these two! I have a feeling it will include things like dancing, cupcakes, other delicious food, and lots of happiness and happy tears.

Love love looooove!

November 16, 2011

It's been awhile... but back to reality.

Between the PSU scandal and then my grandfather passing away, I was distracted to say the least over the past week. My heart broke on a lot of levels, and after spending a few days in Connecticut with my family, getting some love from some of my best friends in NYC on the drive home, and curling up Sunday late afternoon under a blanket with tea and reflecting on the week, I finally am back to earth.

So, we have some busy weekends coming up. But we have either one or two days a few of them that are free, and we really need to get down to business on this baby room and finishing a few other house projects. So when I write things, I feel more responsible for them, here's where the list lies for now. Oh yeah, our cats currently eat and lounge in our office- which is turning into the baby room. So that has to be fixed. We have a room between our TV room & garage that is currently storage. That's the new cat digs. Or soon it will be.

House & Baby Prep List
Finish last piece of tile
Recessed Lighting
Light over sink
Choose paint for eating area
Paint eating area
Paint trim
Finish reno of china cabinet

New Cat Room
Clean out "storage" area
New FLOR carpet tiles
frame new door
move cat things (beds, food bowls, litter)
create cat door into room

DIY Crafts & Baby Projects
Change hardware on baby armoire to Anthro pulls
Buy second hand dresser
Renovate second hand dresser
DIY name project (secret even to me since we haven't picked a name yet)

Baby Room
Move all office furniture out of room & store
Clean, Clean, Clean!!!
Paint second coat of ligher yellow paint
Move in furniture (December delivery)
Hang chandelier & wire lighting
Clean out closet (dreading this) to make room for baby clothes
Hang Wall Decor

And yes, I did write and then cross off "choose paint for eating area". I did it, but it's sitting under our kitchen table I think. I need to get on top of that. That would be a good weekend project maybe. So much to do, but we've handled worse and more! Anyone want to volunteer to lend a hand? Also if you have any brilliant suggestions for me, send them my way.

Lists make me feel better. And I'll update as we go!

November 8, 2011

Irish Patriarch

Today I got a call on my way to work with horrible news. My grandfather passed away this morning. In true George Tuohy Sr. fashion, he died without suffering. He lived until his last day with the appearance of being tough and gruff and in control (though we all knew his heart was weak and he was not as strong as he always said he was). He always told us he wanted to "just die one morning" and he did. Sadly, my grandma, who he has been faithfully married to for many years, was not ready for this. I've been married a little over a year. They were together 60 something. Heartbreak is not even a word that can encompass what that must feel like.

I received phone calls, emails, and texts today as people found out about his passing. Words such as "character" "hilarious" "big smile" "greatest guy" were used again and again. Friends who I have only known for 5 years were able to talk about memories of my grandpa. Because, his personality was big. If he met you once, he knew you for life. He remembered your face (and maybe your name, maybe not as he got older) and the anecdote you talked about the last time he saw you.

He was a stoic man in some ways. And serious. And stood by his beliefs. Irish Catholic is an understatement. "Old School" best describes him. Came home from work for lunch until the day he retired. Soup and a sandwich daily. He called me "Meggy" and treated me like I was still the baby in the family, even as a full grown adult. He was inappropriate and politically incorrect. He had no filter. But he was in his late eighties, and even on the days when he made my bleeding heart liberal skin crawl with his comments, my adoration for him always won me over.

There are too many memories in my mind that cannot be transcribed. But, the point of them all is that he made us laugh. Whether talking about the Joe Be Doe under the bridge on our hikes, or making up catchphrases that made no sense, such as, "You're talking like a man with a paper ass", we rolled on the floor laughing hysterically. He tried to pick up a waitress at a restaurant during my college graduation for my brother. He yelled out the car window to people. He asked for extra potatoes at our wedding.

He was a true man of tradition. He and my dad began our Mt. Washington family hikes years ago.  And grandpa insisted we go back every year, and that someone pick him up along the way. And at 70 years old, he toasted to his health at the summit. My brother can tell much better stories about our days as kids and teens in New Hampshire with my grandpa. There was never a dull moment.

Most recently, I saw grandpa at the end of August. A little over two months ago. And I would have loved to see him more frequently, but the distance between us sometimes got in the way. No regrest though, I had so many good times with him over the years. We told him we were expecting Baby Walls during our last visit. And while I am horribly saddened he won't get to meet this little one, I know that he will be watching over us. I'll hold him in my memory as he was in this picture. Smiling, loving, and with a zest for life, even in his old age.

And in the words of my grandpa, every single time we said goodbye...

May the Road rise up to meet you,
May the wind always be at your back,
Until we meet again,
May the good lord hold you in the palm of his hand.

November 7, 2011

A sad day in PSU sports

I thought I've seen sad days in PSU sports before. Those last minute losses. Injuries. Bad sportsmanship, at worst. But the headlines that splattered today's papers, facebook, CNN, were so overwhelmingly present that it was impossible to ignore. And as a PSU alum, it was a sad day.

Now, some people are tearing JoePa apart for this disaster, and yes, maybe he should have gone to the police instead of the administration of PSU.  We are also forgetting something, in my opinion. He didn't see anything himself.  He was a third party knowledge receiver. Not that it excuses it, but this old penn state proud guy has done nothing in his time at PSU but set an example of loyalty, dedication, and a deep love and admiration for the school.  Joe Pa, you should have probably done more when nothing else happened after you went to your higher ups... but you didn't cover this either, and that's more than we can say for most of these men involved.

That being said, this dirtball Sandusky can rot in hell as far as I am concerned. And the university administrators who swept this under the rug? They are not Penn Staters to me. Now, this stuff maybe gets me riled up more than most because my job and my life have been built around providing support and putting the building blocks of success in place for kids who need a little extra love. And I clicked on the "graphic images" PDF on CNN of the actual charges and almost vomited. I hope he goes to jail forever.

No one deserves this, and the kids he took advantage of were mostly from the Second Mile, a non profit aimed at enhancing positive behaviors and influences for children in Pennsylvania. I feel bad for this organization, whose main page now streams an issued statement regarding this horrible event. I hope they continue to get support because those kids deserve it.

Penn State is not just a football team. Or a football coach. Penn State is not two or three or even five administrators who thoroughly screwed up and put chilren at major risk.  And, in addition to hoping that Sandusky gets life in jail, and that university authorities and executives all over the country take a second look at themselves, I hope something more.

I hope that the reputation of a school filled with pride, who bleed blue and white, doesn't get torn down. I hope that the football program that holds together a community changes their tune, but continues to build a community of better values and honesty. I hope that the students who raise $9 million dollars a year for kids with cancer remember that the student body is the core of their motivation. Because Penn State is that. It's dedicated students. It is a long-standing football program of college athletes who pour out their hearts. It is philanthropy. It is greek life. It is the smell of the air on a fall morning walking from the south hall dorms to the Williard. It is friendships and parties. It's late nights and early mornings of 8 am classes, followed by a bagel in the Hub. It is College Ave shops and nights at the G-Man. It is an alumni association that stands across the nation. Because, despite this tragic news, WE ARE still PENN STATE. And I suggest we all stand by our school as it rebuilds and grows and hopefully puts people in charge who hold the values that PSU stands for.

THIS tragic news is not Penn State. This is a disgrace. And I'm sorry that PSU's name has to go down with the horrible people who commited these offenses. Because that's not my Penn State. And they are certainly not Penn Staters.

November 5, 2011

A whole 24 weeks. That's 6 months if each month really had exactly 4 weeks (but they don't).

Yesterday we hit the 24 week mark! Which is crazy to think that equals 6 months. Half a year of pregnancy? Is that even possible?! Have I been growing this little one for 6 months already? But then I think back to working my other job, my long commute, and flying to Bermuda back in the early summer and I remember ohhhh yes, it has been quite awhile.

I can't believe she will be here in a little less than 4 months.


That seems so soon. And I can't wait (but oh my we have TONS to do!!)

Here's a couple 24 week pictures. I am not sure it looks that much different than 20 weeks, but I feel soooo much bigger and I've gained about 3.5 pounds since then. Maybe the outfit I had on was not really in line with the outfits I usually take pics in. These were on the go on the way out the door, my hair is being totally crazy, and I am standing funny. Maybe We will have to take some more in my normal yoga pants & tank top... I was also getting kicked during the photo session, made me laugh.

I am also really pale and tired looking. Which I actually blame on iron deficiency and not my lack of exposure to sunlight. Well, that is what the doctor suspects. She told me last week, "your color is off". I said "you mean I look really pale?" Well yes, indeed she did. So they are going to do my blood tests and check for anemia, which is really common and would just mean an extra iron pill or two a day. Maybe I wouldn't look so ghost-like and sleepy!

Spending the rest of this weekend relaxing and getting some things done around the house... and then next weekend we head up to NYC to see two of my most favorite people and their hubbies too. It will be nice to have a mini vaca to the city and see my best friends. It's been WAY too long!!
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