November 10, 2015

Daylight Savings + Tired People

It's no surprise to anyone that daylight savings screws with babies and toddlers.

I THOUGHT we were in the clear. The day after daylight savings? Sienna slept until 7 (so really 8!) and Piper slept until 7:40 (really 8:40!) Latest days they've ever slept. I suspect it was due to the trick or treating and later bed times the night before. Either way I breathed a sigh of relief too soon.

My kids just seem so out of sorts with sleep. Sienna is tired earlier at night from early wake ups, and ends up passing out before 7pm if she doesn't take a nap. Piper is awake before 6am and cranky at a time that's too early for morning nap.

I can deal with morning darkness if we can snooze longer. I totally TOTALLY wish I was one of those moms who got up at 5:30 before their kids every day, got ready, dressed, and was happily singing with a cup of coffee by the time they wake up... But, I'm not. I am totally the mom who listens for the first cry and then gets up, handling the Keurig in one hand and Pipes in the other. Piper USED to sleep later than Sienna, which was joyful, but not anymore...

I hope people are getting sleep. My tired girls say they want their old time back! And mama does too!


November 4, 2015


As I wrapped my hand behind Piper's sweet head, rubbing her soft hair gently, breathing in her smell and feeling her heavy, warm weight on my chest, I started to think about how lovely the good moments are. I started to think about how I used to take those moments (okay fine and the chaotic crazy ones too), compose drafts, edit photos, and leave them here in this space.

Over the past six months, this blog has taken a total backseat. For good reason, I've been more in the moment, in the trenches, in the thick of family and parenting than ever before. My sweet girls have unfortunately had some pretty nasty sicknesses too, meaning sleep is hard to come by-- and brain cells to express my thoughts even harder to come by as evening falls.

But it's coming back. Because documenting life has always been my thing. It makes me feel alive to let my fingers do the talking and my brain output the events of our days alongside the pictures that make my heart swoon. This blog was created for a reason, and there are few things I treasure more than being able to turn back the pages a few months, a few years, and indulge in the past.

I hope when my girls are older, I can come here, view an entry,  close my eyes and imagine how the sunshine felt that day or hear the echo of their tiny voices. I hope that when we move to a new house in the (maybe near-ish) future, I can feel the bittersweet tears well up as I read about our very first kitchen renovation.  Life moves fast. I want to leave it's imprint here.

This is our story. Welcome back, old friend.

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