June 12, 2013

When you were a baby.... that's the point of this blog, right?

I've been struggling to blog lately. For two reasons really.
1. I am busy and Sienna is MOVING. Gone are the days of two or three naps. One nap, mid day, enough to get a few things done but rarely organize thoughts enough to write.

2. Which leads me to my second point, writing is hard these days. I work, I take care of S, we have a billion things going on. So lately writing doesn't feel like what's pulling me. What's pulling me is seeing Sienna's goofy face sticking her lamb blanket out of the crib saying "BAA!!" and then cracking up. What's pulling me is a Saturday afternoon of brief quiet time with my husband while the little one naps. What's pulling me is life. Going on around me so quickly I can't believe my newborn is now walking and talking. Or that we are watching another summer of fabulous weddings of friends and hearts tied to one another. That my best friend returns to work from a 3 month maternity leave tomorrow and it seems like three days to me. So for the lack of blogging, I blame the quick paced life that's happening here lately.

So for now, a slur of pictures and memories because after all, this is the place I hope to come some day and read Sienna stories that start with "when you were a baby..."

So let's give it a go. And um, yes, "baby" means fifteen months old.

When you were a baby, on mama's second mother's day, we got dressed up and went to cousin Valerie's bridal shower. You were interested in the egg salad sandwiches, m&m's, and drinking out of big cousin cups.

When you were a baby, you loved hanging out at grandma and grandpa's- ESPECIALLY when they got you a new little person table to sit at. Oh and pajamas. Pajamas all day.

When you were a baby, this was your favorite swing. And you liked to say things like "weeee" and "more" and "yayyyy" when you swing.

When you were a baby, mama worked half time. We went to the park on our days off. I adore watching you play. This picture makes me laugh because you're looking at a bigger kid swinging up high. I feel like you're already a dreamer like mama.
When you were a baby, mama took you for your first Rita's. It was love at first bite.

 Speaking of bites, when you were a baby you love sitting on dada's lap and having bites of cheerios in the morning. You call breakfast your "snack" pronounced "nack".

When you were a baby, we took you to the memorial day parade. You waved your flag and clapped and squealed. To date, this may be my very favorite Sienna reaction to anything. You were absolutely mesmerized for the whole course of the parade.

When you were a baby, mama mostly hung out with you. But sometimes, when very special people asked her to come see them, she did. Auntie Sarah is one of those people. So dada and I went to a really cool charity event with Sarah and Chris where we won a leafblower and a night at a B&B. Pretty cool, right?

When you were a baby, we spent a lot of time with your pal Susie. She's a month older than you and always showing you the ropes. You guys like to make an absolutely beautiful disaster of things together. It's pretty awesome.

And you like to do whatever daddy does. Even if it's just pulling weeds out of the garden. This photo is one of my favorites because you were insisting that I let you help and not pick you up.

When you were a baby, I let you finger paint- and hair paint. And this is what you looked like.

When you were the most gorgeous blue eyed baby ever, we went on evening walks. Sometimes you flopped on your back under trees and babbled about the "wees" which I am 99% sure means leaves.

When you were a sweet sweet baby, we went to visit my friend Kevin for lunch and you cuddled up like he was your old friend too. You alwas know the good ones.
And of course then you played in the water. And cracked us up.
Let's back this one up. When mama was just a college gal only daydreaming about a life like I have now, I shared a room with this beauty who would eat chips and queso with me and share the same dreams. We talked about boys and life one day and  other lovely things~ all of which are seeming to come true for us now. And when you were a baby, mama went to laugh and enjoy some good college friend company at Alli's bridal shower.

Last one for now, sweet girl. When you were a baby, you always asked me to "sit, sit" next to you on the steps in the front yard. You're smart. You're sweet and kind and loving. And curious. So curious and you want me to share it all with you. That's my favorite part. And those eyes. They still slay me. 15 months later one look at those gorgeous peepers and I'm putty.

Happy Summer. xo

June 6, 2013

A lesson to all mamas and dadas

This morning, I clicked on a post a friend had on facebook. I couldn't stop reading. I was drawn in quickly and emotionally. I found myself wiping away huge ugly tears and crying audibly. I found myself wishing, for this woman, that things just happened differently. If you want a good honest but heartwrenching blog post to read, here it is below:

Love, Light, and Laughter Blog- Be with me. Just for today.

Here's the point. Secure your dressers, your big tvs, your furniture to the walls. Even if you think it can't be pulled over- it could be.

I'm for sure getting myself to Home Depot to get some more anchors for our furniture. Like thsi mom said, I too have my heavy furniture secured to the walls. But her little changing table? Nope.

Time to get going on this and stop saying "I'll get around to it". Injury prevention and saving a kiddos life is worth the tearful blog read.

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