February 20, 2014


Sienna is two (!!!)

Sometimes life goes by in a flash and I can't believe she's two. Other times the days and nights are long and I think, have we only been doing this parenting thing for two years now?  There are days I literally can't imagine life without her, and moments when I remember what it felt like to sleep in or have quiet time after work. I wouldn't trade this life for anything, though.

So much has changed in two years. Jamie and I have learned a ton about parenting, and Sienna has grown into the most charming little toddler. Sure, she has her moments, but in general she's one of the easy ones. She smiles and laughs when we are goofy with her, she lights up at the thought of any sweets (sweet tooth like her daddy), and her talking.... She doesn't stop.

You could say her verbal tendencies are her mama's; when we are together we talk non-stop. Her favorite phrases are currently "wook what happened!" and "oh my goooodness", both of which crack me up every time.

More than anything, Sienna is a sweet, kind, empathetic kid. If her cousin Stella cries she always comes to tell me that Stella is sad. At gym class she says "it's otay!" when someone falls. She's a lover- a hugger and kisser and cuddler (when she's in the mood).

We are so grateful to have a two year old who brings us so much fun and joy.


Mommy + Daddy


February 7, 2014

I'm back. And this one's worth reading.

I've taken a blogging hiatus. We've been so busy and to be honest a little overwhelmed. Today my friend Sarah sent me a link- and told me- if I do nothing else today- to get around to watching this (with tissues). Heeding her warning, I waited for Sienna's nap time. And then watched.

This is the Great Adventure

If you don't have time to read it all, here's my favorite part:

"This abstract performance art called family life is our one run at the ultimate improv. Our chance to be great for someone, to give another person everything they need to be happy, ours to apologize for, to try again for, to get a little more right next time. Ours to watch disappear into their next self, toddler to tike... it's happening right now whether we prepare for it or not. All the while... this is it. This is the greatest adventure."

Cuddling after with my little.

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