August 13, 2014

38 weeks, 4 days, and waiting for baby....

Weeks:  38 weeks, 4 days when I took this yesterday. These maternity jeans are still hanging in with me. It was rainy and cooler so I got to wear pants yesterday- what a concept!
Feeling: Contractions super frequently. Tired. I wake up every hour to pee at night if not more. I can't stop drinking because they the crampy contractions get worse.  Doing a lot of questioning if I am in labor but so far, nope!
Belly:  Huge. I can no longer effectively shave my legs or tie shoes. Thank goodness for flip flops!
Movement: A ton- and big movements. I actually had my OB check her position today with a little fear of her being transverse but she was not!
Craving:  Still thirsty alllll the time. Big meals are out, but I want random little snacks through the day. Probably better anyway. Dinner is no longer my friend and I end up with a 8pm little snack instead.
Gender: Girly girl and miss Sienna is super pumped about her "BABY SISTER!" 
Other symptoms: Nausea! Yuck! Still there. Back pain. Nose bleeds almost daily. Umm... peeing 8 billion times a day which I can't wait to stop doing!
Random thoughts: Just like with Sienna, I cannot believe I am progressing so much but not in labor. But last time I was not in pain, this time tons of pain. I hope baby holds on until Monday when my OB is back in office, but Sat or Sun would be okay too.
Looking forward to: Meeting our girl. That's really it. And praying this does not happen middle of night and freak Sienna out!

Here's to hoping this is the last official pregnancy post...

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