July 29, 2014

Thirty Six Weeks. Five Days.

Weeks:  36 weeks, 5 days. FRIDAY is 37 weeks! Yay! This sweatshirt was the same one I wore in my 20 week shot, it apparently isn't fully doing its job anymore. But it's still super comfy!
Feeling: Crampy contractions and back pain constantly. Waiver between wanting baby to get here and getting some of body back and wanting her to stay put a few more weeks!
Belly:  Oh my goodness, if you can't tell in this photo, it's SO LOW. I don't think I ever dropped this low with Sienna. It's almost comical!
Movement: Losing space in there for sure, so movements are slow but steady.
Craving:  Just liquids all the time. Gatorade mixed with water is still the go to, but occasionally I crave a little bit of soda and am allowing myself to go for it at this point. Bananas and peanut butter are my fav snack.
Gender: I sure hope it's still a girl, Sienna is SURE her name will be Minnie.  
Other symptoms: Nausea! Yuck! Thought I got rid of that first tri but it's back. More nose bleeds. Leg pain that is not fun.
Random thoughts: Thankful to almost be 37 weeks.  Annoyed with all the contractions because I don't think I should be in pain and not sleeping BEFORE the new baby comes, isn't that what the first 6 weeks postpartum is for? Can't wait to see what this little one looks like and if she's Sienna's twin when she arrives.  I AM SO THANKFUL FOR MY PARENTS. They have been helping with Sienna endlessly on my bad days and I cannot even imagine not having them. Jamie and I are the luckiest luckiest people to have them, especially my forever self-less mama.
Looking forward to: Doctor's appointment Friday and getting another update on my status. One day, no day soon, sleeping again for more than a few hours and on my stomach. Seeing Sienna meet baby the first time- she is getting excited and keeps asking when she's coming. J put the double stroller together the other day and she said "I need my baby sister!!!"


Getting Ready... .

First: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MOM & DAD. My parents stepped in big time this week. Ever since my trip to the hospital a few weeks ago for contractions, there is no end in sight. No full labor, but no end of the pain and the annoyance. It's worrisome because I want her to cook longer, and it's tiring because Sienna wants me to run around and I just can't do it all the time.

Sunday my dad came, helped J clean out the baby room, and we now have some semblance of organization. He then insisted he wanted to take Sienna home with him- and the two of them drove back to Yardley to give me a break. A much needed break even though I do miss my little monkey. Having more time in the morning to slowly get up, and last night being able to relax after work were both huge. My parents are my heroes. My mom especially since she was also taking care of my grandma who broke her arm!

Anyway.... here we are. 37 weeks on Friday. And it's becoming a real possibility that this baby will make her appearance in the next few weeks. I am in no huge rush, because I want the last days of Sienna as an only child to be special. And I want this little one's lungs to keep working and developing. But my body is starting to really give out on me and I am frustrated at that- so when she decides to make her appearance, I know it's time.

The room:
A crib is set up! Yay! We made the decision awhile ago to keep the guest bed in that room, so we went with a blue and bright pink theme. Also J hung the tv that was on a stand up on the wall in the corner so when guests visits (or when I'm nursing and Sienna neeeeds to watch Mickey) we still have it there. We ordered Sienna a new dresser for her room and will swap out the changing table to the baby's room once that arrives. She's cool with it because she says she needs a "medium sized" dresser because she has "too many clothes!" True story kiddo. We need to hang the art on the wall but I want to wait until we get the changing table in the right place. Andddd we are going to attempt to fit the glider in there - at some point- maybe.

All set for now. Things are washed and ready. We plan to bring Baby 2.0 home in the same outfit as Sienna as long as it fits her. We have plenty of newborn and 0-3 onesies and a few special outfits for little girl. For now, they are in a big Land of Nod pink and white basket until we set up the changing table and have space for clothes.

Pretty much we have all the newborn things we need. We got a wipes warmer this time, as I previously discussed.  A new pump. A new boppy cover. And some new tommee tippees. We washed the car seat cover and the rock n play cover, the swing is ready.... I mean really we will be nursing, sleeping (god help us I hope...), and amusing big sister while doing those things. I am not as concerned with the "stuff" as I was last time.

Hospital Bag:
Semi packed. I have baby blankets, baby outfit, some comfy clothes for me, socks, and a nursing bra and tank. I'll have to throw things like my brush and contacts in at the last minute anyway. We are super lucky in that we live 5-10 minutes from the hospital and we can have friends or family bring us what we need, when we need it if we do forget.

Big sister Prep:
We've been reading big sister books nightly. We talk about baby.  Sienna asks for her to come out. This will be a huge adjustment, and I know that... but I am so looking forward to seeing the sweet sisters together! We also have some small gifts that the baby can give Sienna. And we ordered a super cute big sis tee for when they first meet!

Overall... I am sick of being pregnant but glad baby has stayed put as long as she has.  I think we are as ready as we will ever be mentally. Hoping to get as much rest as possible before she arrives and spend some good time with big sister Sienna!


July 16, 2014

34 weeks. And why I have a 16 day countdown.

Here we are at 34 weeks. Two days until 35 weeks. Why does 35 matter? That is the point they no longer stop your labor if it starts on its own. I think it's safe to say that they wouldn't stop me two days shy of that either. The contractions I mentioned last post are hanging in strong. 2-6/hr but never getting regular. More of an annoyance and constant worry of real labor kicking in- or my water breaking.

Weeks:  34 weeks, 5 days.
Feeling: At the risk of being the complainy/whiny pregnant woman in the room, I feel lousy. I have my good hours for sure, but the braxton hicks/perhaps real contractions that seem to be occuring every 7-30 minutes are really driving me crazy and they are painful. My back and sides feel crampy constantly and my GI system is wacky. Five more weeks of this feels insane, but I am also praying she hands in another 16 days. That's the countdown until 37 weeks. That's the first goal to make it to. After that, 39 will be my next hoorah!
 On the upside, I am feeling way more prepared for labor and a newborn than the first go round. It's a whole different world with some perspective from the other side.
Belly:  Belly button totally popped out. Belly definitely a lot lower- no more difficulty breathing unless I sit in a bad position. And I have to say, at least everyone knows I'm pregnant and no one is wondering if I am waddling or gaining weight for no reason.
Movement: Huge movements. Especially if laying on my side. Sometimes it is a huge elbow or knee I see protruding, other times I feel her entire butt move across my rib cage. I also feel movement REALLY low down- always makes me have to pee!
Craving:  Waterade (aka half water half gatorade, with ice). Still sleep. Sweets again. Uh oh. And also regular milk which is bizarre because I'm lactose intollerant.
Gender: GIRL. 
Other symptoms: Still worried about this little poptart staying in there long enough. My legs and back feel tired. Oh! And nosebleeds!
Random thoughts: I am so so tired of worrying about impending labor. Every time I get a really painful contraction, I start timing but without fail nothing consistent or regular has occurred yet.  I just want to make it to at least 37 weeks. Sick of sitting around with my feet up for sure!
Looking forward to: Doctor's appointment Friday. Hoping I can make it to friends' wedding this weekend. Not yet, I don't want this just yet... But eventually having my body (half) my body again when I deliver (but am still nursing).


July 10, 2014

33.. almost 34 weeks.

Weeks:  33 weeks, 6 days.
Feeling: Wellllll I sure took a wrong turn last week. I probably way overdid it and was exhausted. We had a wedding on Friday and by Saturday morning I was off. Really off. By 1:30pm I landed myself in L&D for contractions that were super painful and super frequent. After 4.5 hours of being hooked up to monitors, I was released on pelvic rest, told not to lift anything over 10 lbs (umm my kid??), and to take it easy. Since Saturday just feeling off still but better. Less contractions per hour, but still feeling some overall unease. It could just really be that it all made me anxious. We will see! I just want to make it to 37 weeks!

Belly:  Belly button totally popped. Belly feels so heavy!
Movement: Holy moly. No doubting this girlfriend is on the go! I can feel her entire body stretch out sometimes. It's crazy but cool.
Craving:  Waterade (aka half water half gatorade, with ice). Sleep. So much sleep.
Gender: Girly girlfriend.
Other symptoms: Anxiety! All related to Saturday's preterm labor threat, but with each passing day that chills out a bit too.
Random thoughts: The pool is still my best friend. We REALLY need to get on top of ordering things for baby and creating a space for her! Also I am so so so uber thankful for a wonderful nanny, supportive friends, and people rallying behind me this week to make sure I took it easy as the doctor suggested. You're all my gems.
Looking forward to: Doctor's appointment this afternoon to make sure all is still well. My parent's celebrate their 40th anniversary this weekend- a dinner to honor the couple!


July 2, 2014

happy birthday, love

{Posting on the birthday eve!}

For the past week, Sienna has been singing Happy Birthday to daddy! I can't wait to tell her it's finally here. She will be excited, mostly for the inevitable cake that accompanies that song. 

Happy Birthday J.
You are kind. 
You are honest and real.
You are patient and understanding.
You are the source of our laughter.
We are unbelievably grateful for you.

You are our favorite adventurer.
We adore you!

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