February 25, 2013

Winter Onederland Party

Sienna turned one. It's cold in February and being a fellow February baby, I know sometimes there is snow and brisk air and nothing that involves outdoors. Including outdoor birthday parties. So I decided to make the most of it and do a Winter Onderland theme.

I started with a white, light pink, and grey theme and pinned all sorts of things on Pinterest.

In the end, it was a cozy winter party complete with a white, off white, grey chevron, and pops of pink theme. I loved it. Sienna loved it. Here are some photos.

Front Window. Doilies as snowflakes. This is still up in our house.  Not sure when I'll take it down!


Food table Number one. Grey chevron fabric used to make runners for all tables. Whole Milk in that glass container. And of course, baby snacks including puffs, yogurt melts, and apple sauce squeezies. (Why did no one tell me about the wrinkly table clothes?)

Happy Birthday Doilie Banner + more mini food options. (Thanks mom for the veggie & ranch cups!)

My pride and joy. Dessert table! I made that giant cupcake + the regular sized cupcakes. Buttercream home made frosting (cotton candy flavor). More grey chevron. And the winter flower arrangements.
I mean, mamas need a little afternoon treat, too. Strawberry champagne cocktail. It originally had no sign. I got really nervous really fast that kids would accidentally drink it.


This party was so much fun to decorate + plan. I loved it! Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Sienna! Love you!

February 24, 2013

Photo Shoot for my ONE YEAR OLD

We took some of the sweetest photos for my girl's one year birthday.

Big thanks to my mama for being the photography assistant, helping me get Sienna to smile, stopping her from rolling off couches, and all together being a good photo cheerleader.


This lucky girl got cake both for real birthday night AND her party! Up next: 1st Birthday Party!

February 19, 2013

birth day.

Sweet, sweet Sienna,

A year ago tonight I sat nervous, anxious, curious. My heart was full of butterflies and you were kicking away. At 5:30 am we woke up, showered, and headed to the hospital. When we would walk back through the door a few days later, you would be with us.

I have started this post a few times in the last few days. But not until tonight, on the eve of your first birthday, did it all really start to come pouring over me. I was singing to you today in the kitchen, dancing with you and holding you in a cradled position. Holding you like I used to hold you a billion hours a day, every day of the week during those fleeting newborn moments. I kissed your little nose and smelled that good baby smell. The smell that I know will soon be replaced with the smell of food you get into or the dirt you've been playing in.

Tonight I nursed you to sleep, which is rare these days. Usually you're wide awake and wanting "boo" "boo" (books) after we are finished. Not tonight. You closed your eyes, rubbed your lovey on your face, and snuggled in. As if to say, don't worry mama I still really need you. It warmed my heart.

And tomorrow, tomorrow is your first birthday. Welcome to birthdays in our family, my girl. We do them big. Signs, presents, cakes. Hugs and laughter. Birthdays are important- the day we celebrate your day, the day you were born.

You are an amazing one year old. You are sweet and funny and you make us laugh constantly. You love food (especially watermelon, peas and broccoli- our healthy girl!). You are trying out words, and sometimes look totally confused when they come out of your mouth. Your favorite word is "bath" and you repeat it about a million times when it's time to get all clean. You can also say mama, dada, and some version of bye and hi. Oh, and definitely the cutest word you say is "huuuu" for hug. It's long and drawn out and high pitched and you say it as you cuddle us or your stuffed animals. You are cruising and walking holding our hands. You love people, you love exploring, and you adore the moment your daddy walks in the door from work.

I can't believe it's been a year. I can't believe we survived a year sometimes.  I'm lucky to have you as my daughter. And we are lucky to have daddy as part of our crew. I can't wait to see where life's adventures take us next.  I love where it's taken us so far.

Your smile lights up my world. Even one year ago when you first arrived I never knew how much I'd love you today. But in my mom heart, I can picture us in that hospital bed just meeting each other- and it feels like yesterday. I can't wait to see your sweet face in the morning to wish you a VERY happy first birthday and scoop you up for our daily morning cuddles. We love you, Sienna bear!


february twentieth two thousand twelve: three eighteen in the afternoon. love.

February 18, 2013

dear dad

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I don't take a minute of my time with you for granted (and I've learned lately that it's a very improtant thing- life goes so fast). I treasure the way you navigate your family, work life, community, and neighbors. You've taught me- and are still teaching me- how to be a good friend, a good spouse, a good parent.

I roll my eyes when you tell your jokes for the 352nd time in my life, but I also take comfort in the fact that predictability has always been our family's forte. My husband respects you, my daughter adores you. We all shake our heads and laugh with (okay sometimes at) you.

Without you in my life I know for sure I couldn't have climbed the mountains I have both literally and figuratively. You're a stand up and clap your hands and yell my name supporter when I need cheering, and a quiet phone call to say hi when I need a little push of encouragement. You've helped me along every step of the way- a one handed distant hold- the way we do now to help Sienna walk- just enough until I realized I could take off on my own...

You're the dad people dream of; the dad people write characters in movies about- the kind that filled my car up with gas in high school and tucked $20 in the center console just in case I ever ran out of money. The kind that left a note in my car or my bag saying good luck when I needed it- from high school to grad school to real life. The kind of dad that tells me time and time again that driving 3 or 5 or 7 hours over the Tappan Zee only makes you lucky because there are people you are traveling to see that you love. The kind of dad that always opened our home to my friends, to my family. The kind of dad that never let me cry too much or too long without insisting I laughed. You're the kind of dad that took my middle school self to see U2 on a school night and my 20 week pregnant self to see the Who because we both knew she would love music (and she does). You're the kind of dad that pushes for travel and exploring and learning, but reminds me home is home for a reason.

Quite simply, you're the best. When I think of you during my days (and I often do) I always picture the same face- it's you smiling that H U G E smile you do when you see Sienna. And then exclaiming, "I'm here!"

Here's to more years of fun, learning, traveling, and watching your face light up when you see Sienna.


Grampy and Sienna on his birthday morning after bath time.

February 13, 2013

Tierra ENGAGED?!

Is tierra engaged?

With a ring that is like 8 bazillion times bigger than most people's?

What the....

I'll tell y'all one thing- now I REALLY can't wait for women tell all.

(I wonder if her fiance is r u n n i n g for the hills after watching Bachelor)

Here's the ring photo circulating the interwebs.

And if the mood strikes ya, you can find the article here on wetpaint.

February 11, 2013

Bachelor Episode (oh i dont know...)

I had a cupcake + glass of wine with bachelor tonight. Happy Birthday Eve to me!

So I have a major girl crush on Catherine.

She is way up there for me. I give her major credit for talking to Sean about her fam. And she's so sweet and real- she cried when Lesley left!

I love AshLee and think she's sweet, but that poor girl has a rough past. I think Sean likes her but I think there's too much levity there.

Best lines tonight:
"Why haven't you found someone when you're 32 YEARS OLD?"
"I can't control my EYEBROWS"
"They said Tierra, you have a sparkle. Don't let those girls take your sparkle"

Top 4 Rank

(Unless the previews for Des' home town date are totally fake??)

I started getting the mushy sweet feelings I get towards the end of this show that rope me in. I know it probably won't last, I know it's not usually real romance but I love it anyway.

They should really attempt to line up a finale with Valentine's day. BUT then again men would hate that, and then women would have to hang out alone (with the rest of the female half of the population).

Til next week...

#bachelorforever #tierrableisgone #jenniferracheliloveyou

Our guess at top 4....

I think Tierra is going to go tonight!

And lesley too, just because she's super young and doesn't seem quite ready for marriage.

So that leaves us, with our ORIGINAL top 4.


Let's see how this turns out...

February 10, 2013


Justin Timberlake performance?


Adam Levine + Alicia Keys?


Good going, grammys. Goooood going.

February 7, 2013

two weeks.

In two weeks I will have a one year old.

I can't believe it.

I'm bad at documenting life lately because it's been really hectic and busy.

But we're here, we are loving the new baby developments, and I am trying to continue to do the always challenging walk of the fine line between work and family- doesn't leave much time for life blogging when we are playing when I'm home (and besides, I have to watch the bachelor when I have a free hour or two).

S is currently sleeping, butt up in the air, and kicking her feet in a rythym, all while totally asleep. So cute. She's getting so big. Tonight we all laid on our bed for 20 minutes before bed time tickling and chasing and giggling. My girl's becoming a toddler. Sigh.

(PS first birthday party theme is winter ONEderland, will post pics once it happens!)

February 4, 2013

Bachelor Episode Five

Some thoughts on tonight's episode of the Bachelor (said in a Chris Harrison voice)
  • Tierra's outfits and jewelry are almost as frustrating as her attitude.
  • She is really out of control but Sean falls for it. He feels guilty for her crying and it seems tomorrow she wins again with the hypothermia and then tears. Sigh.
  • I 100% believe the producers get her to stay somehow; but I also believe she probably isn't as bad as they make her out to be.
  • I think Sean trusts Lesley- he asked her about Tierra without her bringing it up. I liked that he thought she'd be a good sounding board. A+ for Lesley even if she didn't get much screen time tonight.
  • I like Lindsay. Even my mom likes Lindsay. My mom is the nicest person on earth and has the best judgement so I would say Lindsay is a keeper.
  • I follow Lindsay on instagram. Don't judge.
  • I also follow Chris Harrison, and Selma. Oh and Sean. And Emily Maynard for that matter. That is not related to this episode. I digress.
  • Jackie was super immature tonight. I knew she wouldn't last through that date.
  • Speaking of, why did ABC show us Tierra being around tomorrow and then put her on a 2:1 date? It was such a waste of our time.
  • Goat's milk can't be that bad. I said this on facebook, but it's super similar to breast milk. I bet it would be just fine. Babies.
  • These women are full of drama.
  • But, Catherine and AshLee never stepped foot in it. They are my top two based almost solely on that this week. I appreciate the ability to stear clear of the craziness.
  • Selma looked too pretty for a farm date.
  • Sarah looked drunk at the rose ceremony.
  • Des was a little too much for me this week. I think Sean really likes her, but she seemed whiny and unappreciative. While I think she's still high on Sean's list, she tumbled down mine.
  • ABC is giving away soooo much. AshLee saying "I LOVE SEAN!" and then Des in an upcoming episode. And Tierra on a beach which can't be tomorrow's episode. This is getting out of control.
Here are my rankings (which were affected by the previews I must say)
Tierra (I know, yuck, but I think she lasts through tomorrrow)
Daniella (Who I think only got a rose because she cried).

Until tomorrrow. XOXO.

Cloud Dough Experiment

It's cold out. We are stuck inside.

I'm bored of playing with the same toys with S again and again.

I can't wait for spring. I need warmer weather and sunshine. We need to go on walks. Go to the park. Go to the zoo. But for now, freezing.cold. And S hates jackets, so yeah, that's going well...

So pinterest told me to make cloud dough.

Do you know how simple this is? Flour + Oil. The website I found (which I can't right now) says:
8 cups flour
1 cup Baby Oil.

We know I can't follow directions and well, we don't use baby oil. So I went with.
4 cups flour
3/4 cup Vegetable Oil.

It worked.

I taped down garbage bags to my kitchen floor. Brilliant because this is messy for sure. The mixture if well mixed for about two minutes acts like sand, but is flour! So much fun. Oh, PS I set S up on the floor with the garbage bags and some measuring cups to play with while I mixed. I knew she wouldn't be able to wait to stick those little hands in!

How cool? It really is like sand! I built things and Sienna smashed them, quickly. Oh and yuck! Doesn't taste good at all!

Oh yeah, umm maybe don't wear black leggings and boots. You will end up looking like this.

And mamas if you are concerned about the mess rest easy. The picture on the left was right after we finished (including Sienna's pants that were too dirty to even get to her laundry). I rolled up the garbage bags after sweeping the stray dough onto them. This took about 3 minutes.
Happy Cold Day Activity!

February 2, 2013

oh hey interior designer baby

Make no mistake, my girl is clapping because she saw a snack I'm sure.
But she wriggled to get out of our arms and plop in this chair in Home Goods. How gorgeous is that grey and yellow paisley design? It would be perfect for a big girl room in her grey and yellow room.
Applause for being able to effectively shop with this baby. She's a true gem.
{Speaking of gems, a big thank you to my wonderful husband.
He is just the best dad. I've been busy with work and studying lately.
He's been on major major Sienna duty.
And I don't even have to leave him instructions. Daddy FTW.}

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