February 25, 2013

Winter Onederland Party

Sienna turned one. It's cold in February and being a fellow February baby, I know sometimes there is snow and brisk air and nothing that involves outdoors. Including outdoor birthday parties. So I decided to make the most of it and do a Winter Onderland theme.

I started with a white, light pink, and grey theme and pinned all sorts of things on Pinterest.

In the end, it was a cozy winter party complete with a white, off white, grey chevron, and pops of pink theme. I loved it. Sienna loved it. Here are some photos.

Front Window. Doilies as snowflakes. This is still up in our house.  Not sure when I'll take it down!


Food table Number one. Grey chevron fabric used to make runners for all tables. Whole Milk in that glass container. And of course, baby snacks including puffs, yogurt melts, and apple sauce squeezies. (Why did no one tell me about the wrinkly table clothes?)

Happy Birthday Doilie Banner + more mini food options. (Thanks mom for the veggie & ranch cups!)

My pride and joy. Dessert table! I made that giant cupcake + the regular sized cupcakes. Buttercream home made frosting (cotton candy flavor). More grey chevron. And the winter flower arrangements.
I mean, mamas need a little afternoon treat, too. Strawberry champagne cocktail. It originally had no sign. I got really nervous really fast that kids would accidentally drink it.


This party was so much fun to decorate + plan. I loved it! Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Sienna! Love you!


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