January 26, 2015

Two peas in a pod.

It's happening. That time when I look back at pictures of when Sienna was smaller and get teary. The time when I feel like I blinked and P morphed from a newborn into a playful infant. It's no secret to anyone who knows me that the tiny baby days are a challenge for me- the lack of sleep, the loss of control, the unexpected. It never was my thing. But still, time is so fleeting. It's always a push and pull. It's like I am wishing away the two hours before bedtime while not wanting the day to end. I'm hoping P talks early so she and Sienna can converse for hours, but not wanting her to grow a single inch more.

Lately, I realize they are both coming into their own in different ways. Piper is five months- and six to ten months was my favorite baby time period with Sienna. Sienna is almost three (cue tears- seriously) and is the sweetest, funniest toddler I know.

And the BEST part? They are really, really starting to enjoy each other. Their smiles are infectious. Sienna insists on being the one to get Piper from her nap (she goes in and says in her high voice, "Hiiii Piper. Good morning! You have a good little nappy"). Piper smiles and laughs at Sienna. When Sienna is around, Piper can't eat because she is too distracted and just becomes so intrigued. They are already becoming best friends, I can tell. Piper prefers two things in life: To be carried on mama's hip and to be watching her big sis.

Sometimes Miss Sienna needs some mama time. Like on Saturday morning. So we bungled up (her word for bundle) in our fuzzy boots and we set out for Target to pick up some things for the house-- and girlfriend insisted we go shoe shopping. I could not love her anymore.But when we came home? She needed to get Piper up from her nap, hold her for awhile, and then play with her. Their hearts are tied, I can just imagine our future: the giggles and whispers coming from their room at night as Jamie and I tell them for the 20th time they need to go to sleep.

Sometimes, once in awhile, when I stop and take it all in instead of rushing around to get things done, I feel like we're in a movie. Smiling family. Happy babies. Dancing in the kitchen. It doesn't happen every day, but when it does it's lovely. My mind is full of still frames from the perfect moments.



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