March 9, 2015

S I X MONTHS of Piper.

Half of a year!

Miss Piper turned six months old a couple weeks ago. I am so behind on blogging and keeping these updates, but I really do hope my girls can look back and see how they grew and changed so here it goes. Better late than never:

P is so smiley. Every single person who sees her says this. She smiles at everyone as long as they smile at her. Our nanny greets her with "hi smiley girl!" every morning. Sienna pulls her paci out of her mouth and says "hiiiii Piper!!" to get her to reveal her gummy grin.

Piper is still our little peanut- 14lbs 14 oz a week before her six month birthday! She's 26 inches so not really a peanut in length. Our girl is still obsessed with breast milk only. After getting her tongue tie and lip tie clipped, she honestly doesn't nurse much better and still prefers bottles- but lots of them. Solid foods so far are sort of bleh- she isn't super impressed! This girl prefers the healthiest stuff around, so I keep pumping for her. We sort of have it down to a science now.

She is learning and doing so much each day. Every morning she likes to sit and watch Sienna as she runs around like crazy. She loves picking up objects and can FINALLY get her own pacifier back in her mouth thankfully. Of course, at night, she seems to forget that progress and cry for mama. We are working on sleep. Definitely working on it. I used to say Sienna was my bad sleeper- I was wrong. Pipes, you sure know how to keep mama on her toes in the hours of 10pm-6am!

She's rolling around and reaching for things but no actual movement yet. Which is fine with me because I'm well aware it all gets way harder after that! Six months feels like a big deal, but also feels like P's always been with us. Sienna adores her and watching them play is so fun. I can't wait for Piper to continue to learn from Sienna and I can only imagine the trouble these two will get into in another few months when P starts to really move.

Piper, you are so adorable. You are sweet and cuddly and mama's little buddy lately. I can't wait to see what the second half of your first year has in store for us!




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