January 31, 2011

Our house is a very very very fine house.

with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard now everything is easy cause of you...

Okay, so our cats are not in they yard. They are in our house, we don't let them outside. Our (very nice) old man Ukrainian neighbor is constantly telling us how mean it is to keep pets inside. I say, better than your feral cat who mates with everything male in its sight and taunts our two cats by sitting on the outside ledge of our bay window.  But, I digress....

I am now commencing the "meet the house" section of the blog. Let's start with my current favorite room, the sitting room. Ha, I've never called this a sitting room before. But it sounds cute. That is now its new name. So, without further adieu, let me share with you the BEFORE:
Also was accompanied by this awesome vomit-inducing stencil:

Ugh. The worst. And the wall color, while it looks acceptable here, looked like the color of dirty water. This room went through a few phases, but it has shaped up pretty well. We still need window treatments in here, but sometimes I just love how the sunlight comes in lights up the room.  Here are some AFTERS:

This is at night.... and then....

sunshiny (or half snowy) day. love the light in this room.

This does a good job of showing the wall colors... which I love. That sign on the top of our bookshelf was a present from our friends Kelly + Mike for our wedding. And as you can see, this makes great wine storage.
These two books are fantastic... the love quotes was a gift from my friend Jess for Christmas- we've loved quotes forever. the Story of A Lifetime book was a wedding present, which I highly recommend. We are literally writing the story of our lives inside of it so we can pass it on to our (non-existent yet) children. Crazy but really cool idea. 

In case you care: To reno this room, we had to sand the walls (remember, the dog house- always holes in everything), fill holes, and do many coats of paint. Also had to paint the ceiling and all of the trim. The couches are from American Signature Furniture and were really affordable. They are a mix between microfiber and leather. Pillows are Pottery Barn covers. The coffee table is Pier 1, a Christmas gift from my parents a few years back. Most of those frames on the built-in are from TJ Maxx, with the exception of that rustic light blue frame gifted from my wonderful sister in law, Emily,  from South Moon Under. The book case is good old Ikea.

There you have it. My favorite room right now. Next up will be our lovely downstairs half-bath that my husband and his friend James tore apart and put back together with their bare hands...  What rugged men.


  1. Mike and I have the same IKEA bookshelf currently used to separate the dining from living space in our loft-style condo. Love it! Love your blog too!

  2. JS- the IKEA bookshelf is a staple for now. I am hoping to rid my house of it eventually and replace it with a self-built or pottery barn/restoration hardware bookshelf. Not in the current budget though!


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