March 26, 2014

Here we go again...

Well. We took the plunge. Baby Walls 2.0 is on the way! Sienna is going to be a big sister! (She still does not know this, we tried telling her once which only confused her. We will wait a little longer til the bump is apparent and then try again)

My goodness second pregnancy is different from the first. The day I found out I was pregnant with Sienna I spent hours googling pregnancy symptoms and babys r us and who knows what. The day I found out I was pregnant with this baby: I tell Jamie and hand him the test and Sienna pushes me out of the room and says "bye mommy, hiding with daddy!" and I carried on making dinner for the family. Having a toddler means that sometimes (sometimes now that I am no longer sick 24 hours a day) I forget I am even pregnant. Then my pants don't button and I remember.

This time I went to get my blood test on the way to work. There was a little sense of good anxiety, but nothing like this day which I still remember fondly. There's no collapsing on the couch after work. First time preggo mamas: SOAK IT UP!

In the beginning days I felt awful this time. Not like with Sienna. Awful vomiting and not being able to eat anything, stomach pains, the fatigue was intense, and nothing I did helped (preggo pops are great but weren't cutting it). My OB put me on Diclegis. It's a lifesaver.

18.5 weeks in and I feel human again. Still tired which leaves me suspicious that this is a mom-of-a-toddler problem in combination with a pregnancy problem and that it may indeed plague me this entire 40 weeks. We have our gender ultrasound this week and I am super excited! I can't decide what I think this baby is and with Sienna I was 100% sure it was a girl.

So at 18 weeks..

Weeks: 18.5 in the photo.
Feeling: Tired. Way less nauseous. Excited to find out gender.  Consistently a mix between ecstatic and terrified of how I'll parent two kids. At the same time.
Belly: Bigger than last time at 18 weeks for sure! Uterus remembers what to do!
Movement: Just a little, mostly little jabs at night. I feel like I felt more with S??
Craving: Cucumbers & hummus, mozz cheese with tomatoes. NOTHING meat related. Wine. How I miss my wine this time.
Gender: Find out Friday. J says girl. Chinese calendar says girl
Random thoughts: Poor baby #2. He/She has nothing to their name yet. I should really buy something new. I will do that Friday after our appointment, maybe.

So here we go again!




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