April 10, 2012

What's better than one baby?

TWO babies. Not mine of course. I think if we were pregnant again I'd pass out. Not happening yet! But, Sienna got a cousin last week! Stella Rose is gorgeous and we made the trek up to Boston to meet her last weekend.

Our little Sienna is a true champion traveler for being not even 7 weeks old during the journey. But, we definitely learned a few things on our trip. Like, don't take a 7 hour car ride- even divided into two days- with a 7 week old! The problem is, we failed to really realize that we could only drive for 2 hours before having to stop for an hour to feed our little bunny. And she was sick of the carseat.  But she did well and we made it! She had her first stay in a hotel and actually did relatively well that night! Now that we are back home she's back on track for the most part and happy to be in her room, with her white noise and to have her baby bath (J had to get halfway into the tub with her in the hotel to bathe her without a drowning baby- sort of hilarious).

So the whole point of the trip was to meet Sienna's new cousin.. and visit with family. It was fantastic. Sienna had a great pre-easter with her cousin and grandparents on Saturday. She even dressed up in an easter dress and bonnet! We got to spend time with J's family on Sunday too! A great (but extremely tiring) weekend! Happy Easter!!

With our new niece!

Matching pink leopard print onesies!


Easter-ed up!

Cousins in easter outfits!


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