January 7, 2012

Why did we never use this space before?! Cat Room: Reno Part #1

I had mentioned awhile ago there was this small space of a room between the garage and the "man cave". Well, this weeked we finally got to work on cleaning it out. It hadn't been cleaned out since we moved in. Meaning, well, there were dead bodies unknown objects and what appeared to possibly be mouse dropping (GROSS!) on the shelves and floors. It was not a job I really wanted to partake in, so J did the majority with me popping in and out pleading to throw stuff in the trash instead of keeping it.

Here's the before and after in progress:

It's coming along!! The door got some hardware and a deadbolt. Those boxes on the top shelf got the allowance to stay because they are full of office supplies. I have white Ikea storage boxes that have been hanging out in our house for awhile waiting for the perfect use. Here it is! Organizing our office supplies to put on the shelves down here since our office got the boot for our baby's room.

The carpet in that "progress" picture is so dirty. It was vacuumed (x2) since then and this room has been cleaned. I have high hopes for this room and plans! I always have plans. We did manage to score a $23 carpet remnant to place over this ugly rug. J was willing to rip it up, but it sits on concrete and I think a hidden ugly extra layer of carpet isn't a bad idea...

Here's what's left to do from our long list when I consider I'd like this to house the cat's stuff but also be a good storage place for boots, snowboarding helmets (that was one object located during the clean out), shoes, and anything else that fits (nicely and neatly) into this room.

"Cat Room" List
Clear all items out of room
Clean carpet and shelves
Build white ikea storage boxes
Get carpet tiles or remnant
Place carpet over old carpet
Organize all office supplies into Ikea boxes
Purchase storage piece for shoes
Hang knobs/hooks
Chalkboard wall on left with framing
Move cat items into room

By tomorrow afteroon I hope to cross off at least the next 3-4 items on the list. And then we can get back to baby land and work on that room. Oh, you thought I forgot about it? Nope, the very productive hubs also started to give that room a second coat of paint today! And since I thought the color that was in there was actually a bit dark/bright for me, we went with a few shades lighter. Take a sneak peak! Ohhh I love the creamier yellow color. Baby is going to be living in style.

 ..... and that's not all. This weeked will be bringing many more projects to be blogged about, productivity nesting is apparently really my thing this weekend!


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