February 2, 2011

Don't be afraid to get some dust on me...

Anyone ever heard of Daisy May Erlewine? My good friend Sarah from my internship (residency) year in Ohio shared Daisy with me. I am totally enamored with her music. I've always been rather enamored with Sarah too. I miss you SV! The title of this blog is some lyrics from her song, Dust. Unrelated to the rest of this post, check out Daisy May. My favorite song is "On the Mend".  I suppose On the Mend could be sooooomewhat related to this post. Like these lyrics "We got so much work to do, but I see light around the bend, on the Mend". Our whole house was on the mend... and dusty...

So, a long time ago, before any bedroom furniture made its way into the upstairs, we decided to refinish the soon-to-be gorgeous hardwood floors upstairs. The previous owners had two big dogs (remember? dog house smell?) We think they must have left said dogs locked up in certain rooms because the floors were d.e.s.t.r.o.y.e.d. We knew they had as much potential as Anne Hathaway in the after of the Princess Diaries. So, we went for it. We rented a sander from the Home Depot. We got on our hands and knees and wiped dust off of everything in sight between sanding coats. We slept on the couch downstairs. Here are what the horrid floors looked like before the process.
Either a dog or child was trying desperately to get out of this room... check those scratches out!
Umm okay it was dogs, not children. And the dogs peed on the floors. Yuck.
Overall look of the awful floors... And bonus, you get to see a before pic of the master bedroom too! How ugly is that border on the top of the room?
So we put in our hard work, and Jamie even purchased me my own hot pink tool belt during this time. A lot of starbucks coffees were consumed during the process of this. And for some reason, I have a distinct memory of wearing a green and white striped shirt for days at a time while working on this. So here are some durings.
Here is our handy dandy sandy...er sander.
just a littleTON of dust!
So after all of this work, we were exhausted and thinking we would never want to do this again. Still unclear whether the hardwood floors or the bathroom tile was more painful. Either way, we stood back, totally in love with the final product when we had finished. Sometimes I still catch myself staring at the floors reflecting on how impressed I am with our work. 
Ahhhh how refreshing?!
Our feet get to touch these beautiful floors every day. And right now I am gazing at them thinking I should take new pictures. They look so shiny right now! Maybe they are actually clean for once. Swiffer is totally my bff. Hmm maybe one of these days we will actually get that little trim piece outside the bathroom door finished... One can dream....


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