February 27, 2011

Continuing the House Makeover Tour: "Man Cave"

When we moved into this house, the downstairs part of the split level was in rough shape. We are convinced that is where the dog pee smell came from, and that carpet needed to be torn up as fast as possible. We chose a berber neutral tone carpet, because we had not decided what the rest of the room would look like yet. All we knew is that this smell, stained carpet had to go. It was just such an eyesore of a room. Check out the walls and ugly carpet and random wires in this picture.
So this room got some TLC early on. Here is another shot of what it looked like during move in. It was almost too scary to hang out in here.
So we got a new carpet... and then Jamie had an idea. Maybe since this room is not "technically" the main floor where the kitchen and living room are, we can make this a mancave. I decided having a place for Jamie to put all his "man" stuff aka video games, posters I think are not so attractive, etc, was not a bad idea. Poor Jamie, a full man cave never came to full fruition. It is sort of just a cave. Not even. But, it is fantastic for watching movies, when we close the blinds it is nice and dark, and our very large screen TV is actually A-Okay with me (I type as I watch the Red Carpet Live in HD).
Here is a sneak preview of why this is not a mancave. See the flowers? The nice candle? Yeah not so much... This picture was also taken with our old camera- not so clear and pretty as the new Canon. So, this pic shows the new carpet, and the newly painted walls. The back wall is darker than the others by a shade, an accent wall if you will... Jamie actually had that blue sectional from his old apartment in Philly. This couch has survived a lot. And it's still in excellent shape. It gets an A for its durability. As I am writing this blog, I am thinking about switching out the red accents for kelly green and royal blue. Just the pillows and candles. Thoughts??

 Maybe a mix of some of these options: 

I digress, but seriously, I am already planning a mini makeover of this room. Just a few new pillows, a few new candles, and then maybe a few green and blue ceramic vases on the shelves. Did I mention this room has video games in it? It can't become TOO classy.

Here are some other after pictures of the room. I was so proud of the wooden blinds in this room. They are a great mix of nice-looking but man-cave-esque in that they make it totally dark down here for movies or naps. Both of which are favorites on a Saturday afternoon in this house.

Okay time out. This is technically "during". Who wouldn't love this guy?!
Dexter contemplating what color wooden blinds to get (those are all samples in front of him).
Finished (for now) Product.
I realize I need to take more after pictures... but this is still pretty accurate about how this room looks. Oh wait, we actually moved that table upstairs and now have a leather table/ottoman down here. I will have to update once I revamp with the royal blue and green.

Overall, better paint on the walls, MUCH better looking carpet and  smelling carpet, revamped the couch with some very cheap pillows and a blanket Jamie's parents gave us, and our cute cat. 

So total mancave? Not so much... but a huuuuge makeover improvement on what we started with! And it was pretty cheap. At one point I think we were ready to give up. This room sits right off the half bath that we renovated. So now the downstairs is warm, cozy, and perfect for a Saturday afternoon movie. 

Thank you, Mancave, you actually gave me quite the comfy place to relax for these Oscars! Also, anyone else love Guilliana Rancic? Because as much as I hate to admit it, I totally love her.


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