April 3, 2011

The office. Not the TV show, the room in our house. In progress.

So.... this is not the "finished" product. But, I'm quite pleased with the progress so far. And my mom gets a huuuuuge thank you for helping along the way.

Let's see if I can find a really old school picture of how hideous this room was when we moved in. We called it "the girl's room" because of the horrrreendousss pink color. Note to self: Do not let future children chose the hues of the walls in their rooms. My mom and dad once let me choose a seaworld type theme in my room growing up. I even had a killer whale phone. Ha. Anyway, here's the room before.

Welcome back to  1976. Don't you just love the border in the middle of the room too? Hearts and Love.

So with the rest of the upstairs, those beat up floors got refinished awhile ago, and then this room got (somewhat) painted a yellow color- we left one wall unpainted for awhile because it was my project and I said the desk was "too heavy" to move because I'm lazy I'm such a dainty lady. Eventually that last wall got painted by J. Thank you, sunshine. It became the "office" room, but really was just a place to throw computer stuff and everything else that didn't have a home.
Oh here she is pre-paint with sooo much stuff in there. And here is a picture of the one lonely unpainted wall awhile back:
I think this photo almost looks like two different pictures sliced together because of the ridiculous difference.

Back in the fall, I bought curtains for this room from Anthropologie. They were a bit of a splurge, but they were on sale and I loved them. I think everyone I showed them to thought they were ugly, but I was in love. And the fact that they were on sale did help. The after makes it all worth it.

We needed a chair for this room and I originally wanted a grey one. But I could not find a single grey chair I actually liked, so I went with white and grey accessories. We went for the Ikea Jennylund chair and the Karlstad ottoman. The entire time we were putting Karlstad together (with my dad's help) we were referring to the ottoman as Karl's dad or Karl Sr. We thought it was hilarious. Maybe it was just the hours of work we had already invested. Who knows.  We also picked up a carpet from Ikea that I loved and some new white storage boxes.

So after buying these things, and leaving them in that room with the rest of our junk for awhile, we decided we should get moving. First, we had to repaint all of the trim because it looked like this:
My amazing mother did all of the sanding that needed to be done, and I went around with the paintbrush. A new coat of white paint can do amazing things for a room.

So here is what we were working with in the days before deciding to throw in the being a mess towel and straighten up our act in this room.
Oh, hello, hundreds of psychology books.
Sorry mom, but this needs to exist. This is yesterday morning before we began. The boxes are from other furniture my mom and I put together- we will get to that another time.
We started to clear it out a bit.

And then I took no pictures of the actual during process, because I think in a matter of an hour, we ironed and hung the curtains, set up the furniture, organized the desk area, and put up a few decorations.
How much do you love the Anthropologie curtains? swoon.
I love how the rug, the pillow/blanket, and the curtains look together. Textiles are my new best friends and I am obsessed with finding fun things to mix together. Success.
Wow, my flash worked horrendously last night. I'll try again in the light today. But here is the entire room.

The desk and the filing cabinet will be painted either light grey or white to match the theme of the room thanks to this how to by Centsational Girl. And the two white ikea boxes you see on the right have a lot of friends... still waiting to be built. They hide out here:
I love that little white basket. Somehow it doesn't look messy, even though it contains all the messy- like items that are still waiting to be built and put away. The boxes will go on shelves that also do not yet exist, so this is just the in- progress post, and the finally totally finished post will come in the near future, once our kitchen needs less attention and has things that are important.. like walls... and a working oven. Here is our currently unpainted filing cabinet with one of our wedding picture canvases behind it. Awwww. How Cute.

So that's it for now. I will take better pictures in the light of day. Now maybe I can go finish my presentations for my upcoming conference in that nice comfy chair... and hope I don't fall asleep by accident.

Oh wait, one more thing, my parents helped all day yesterday, and we greatly appreciated it. We watched the UCONN- Kentucky game with them afterwards and those Huskies emerged victorious. 

So, let's just say, on Monday night the fam will be wild with excitement for the final game. 


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