May 16, 2011

J has been offered money and foods to work at others' houses.

What a weekend... we got our countertops installed Friday afternoon just in time for the party, and the deck was finished up Friday afternoon as well. We ended up throwing a tent on the deck too, because the forecast called for some major rain on Saturday.

Before the partying began, J and my dad finished up their work on the deck. It's so beautiful now. I was told by my trusty building men that the people who designed the wood for the deck railings are idiots. I cannot vouch for this, but I am sure they are correct. Apparently they didn't take into account that wood swells and bends and gets old and tired and sometimes doesn't measure exactly as it did when you cut it. I have to admit, I was at work when they were working on this so there are not as many "working" photos... but none the less, our deck looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I can imagine us sitting out there this summer sipping margaritas on our new deck furniture (which is currently still in the basement- was too big for a party gathering).

Oh wait, let me show you why I put up with our cats and don't just give em the old heave ho. Sometimes, when they want to be, they are reallllly nice. And cute, and look like a little puma or lion the way they lay on J.
Okay sorry back to the deck... here we gooo...
Here it is without any bottom rails... but coming along quite well. This was during the day... the next shots are in the evening. Apparently I didn't do a great job of photography though.

Soooo pretty. And so functional. Loving it! We also (unexpectedly to me) got new steps! I totally thought they were going to wait until post-party, but nope, J and dad got it done.

Okay, maybe this doesn't look super impressive, but it is. Our old steps were falling apart. The new steps are pretty and new and smell like the forest. Here is the deck semi-set up for the party on Saturday. Yeah, I know, I am cheating and jumping ahead. But we've got so many posts to get to!
Yay! Look at what a REAL deck this looks like! Have I mentioned 100 times that I have the best husband ever? Oh, right, I have. But seriously, soooo fantastic. The tent was not as great as the deck. It leaked through the sides when it rained. But people still got to sit outside and enjoy the space for at least awhile.
Who wouldn't want to hang out in my lush green grass and brand new build deck back yard? Yep, that's why we had SO many people show up to the party. It was fantastic and awesome and I love everyone in our lives right now more than ever.

But... more important than anything... we got COUNTERTOPS this week!! Woohoo (OMG, sometimes the adult-ness in me makes me want to gag). Oh yeah, and the title of this post... I think like 10 people asked J to come help with their deck and kitchen projects this weekend. Will work for food is what I say about this one. Feed him some wawa and a beer, and he's yours.

Here's to summer BBQs and cocktails on decks!


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