May 28, 2011

Reunited and it Feels so Gooooood.

While I scored almost negative points in taking care of the cats and their crazytownness last week, this weekend has showed a major improvement. We are on day 8 of prozac (Umm... what do we do if we go to the beach one weekend? Do we leave a prozac mashed up applesauce mix and hope they just eat it?). I know that it should take 4 weeks to really set in, but I think it is working. That, combined with no more construction going on in the kitchen, and Feliway. We kept hearing and reading that Feliway was fantastic, so I ordered the diffusers online. We have 6 in our house now. Are you surprised? Do I ever manage to not go overboard? Nooope. Oh did I mention I also paid $72 for a whole big box of refills so we never run out because god forbid we run out of something that I DON'T EVEN KNOW ACTUALLY WORKS. Oh, this post is not sponsored by Feliway. Or anyone else. But, i will say that if you want to sponsor me, Feliway, I would greatly appreciate it. You are expensive. Big time expensive.

Hiding in all sorts of corners. And I can tell they are emitting something because when I get close, they are warm and I can very vaguely smell something (maybe). But, really they don't make it smell any different in the house. What they doooo change is cat behavior. Maybe. This could alllll be placebo, ya know? But this was my lovely sight today after a trip to the home depot (I was verrrrry nervous leaving these two alone for an hour or so).
Cuddle. Love. Relaxy faces. What more could I ask for? They purred. Next to each other. Purring cats next to each other. Especially when last time they interacted for more than 2 seconds they looked like this:
No, of course I am not exaggerating. Our cats turned into siberian tigers in the snow and almost ripped each others skin off of their faces. Okay, maybe a little. And after I saw them all cute laying there, I offered to pet them to be nice.

They were so happy. Then Dex decided to be a model and he posed like this.
When they are being nice, they really are pretty. I still say if you are doing to take your pick, it should be a dog, because cats are just ridiculous. They make you feed them prozac, and then they make you put pheromones pumping through your house. So basically now my house is a cat breeding ground for peace, or something like that.

The Cat Whisperer.


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