May 18, 2011

Post Party Kitchen

Okay I lied. Yesterday I said that today I'd post pictures of our little party here. But today when I got home, the kitchen looked semi-clean, and I thought I should take a few shots of what it looks like in its current state.

I am sort of in love with it now. It needs some more work, like the black subway backsplash and the sticker to actually be taken off of the hood so that it is stainless steal like the rest of our appliances. In accordance with every single other thing that we've done with this kitchen, despite the GORGEOUS looks of the counters, they are idiots and not surprisingly, they did something wrong. I feel bad for them because now that they have already heard my wrath once, I don't really want to scare them into the ground. BUT for serious, they measured our counter tops wrong and when the granite went in, it literally blocked in our oven/stove. Ummm is this a problem? I thought no. I said to my dear husband, we aren't staying in this house forever. We can let it go.... Until he said "love, then I can't put the nice backsplash behind it". O. M.G. So we will call, and this poor poor company will have to come back. again. And fix this.

We also need to deal with the lighting, because the kitchen is dark. Who knows what we will choose. I'd love a big huge pendant light, but the ceilings are not super high. So I fear J will knock his head into it (like he does with the chandelier lighting in our eating area any time we move the table out from under it) every day. We also need to add a few more pieces of hardware,

Okay, let's get to the point here. Can we do one more before/after here? Let's take a look at the mess that we lived in when we first started this process.

So 1970s. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. Funny, the little door frame piece looks pretty similar still in the new pics.

Let's have a pow wow discussion. Yes, there is a small lamp on our countertops. That is because there is no light, as previously stated. Yes, our hood still has the sticker on it. We want to keep it on until the backsplash is finished to prevent scratching and such. There are indeed two huge bouquets of flowers on both sides of the counters. J bought me one, my great friend Marcie brought me the other. I am 100% OBSESSED with this runner. I got it on Overstock. Which is awesome, because I originally was going to pay $250 for this one from Shades of Light. But this one works better and I love the blue with the countertops. I have to be honest, I actually ordered 4 runners, I need to return the other three. If I don't, I am paying even more than the Shades of Light pick. I should get on top of that.
View from the eating area... it is a little blurry, but gives a good effect. Despite the relatively small size, I swear the kitchen looks huge now. I am so so so happy with it.
 Here's another one from the eating area. That cutey yellow gingham table cloth I found at the grocery store for $9. It's fantastic and easily washable and so cute for spring. The (faux) flower arrangement was $10 at TJ Maxx. And those little pink votive holders were 89 CENTS each at AC Moore on clearance.
Oh, here it is again: the love of my life kitchen.She's so pretty. It has to be a girl, it has flowers.

Having a house that I love makes me want to nest more. You know, more decorations and more love. And then it makes me think about actually giving our babies to be (that my mom's friend mentioned) baths in the sink and toting them around in Baby Bjorns in the beauuuutiful kitchen. I was also reading one of my friend's blogs today that linked me to another blog... and then another... and I found it.

A dream nursery. Mom please keep your squeals contained. No babies are coming anytime soon. But o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. does not even begin to describe my adoration for this little room. So I pinned it on Pinterest, and now I am posting it here. In the public forum, so you can all call me crazy for looking at nurseries before our future children are even thoughts.
The birds on the ceiling? The little bird houses. The cutest white little chandelier. THE YELLOW AND WHITE AWNING window treatments? Distressed dresser! I mean the perfect mix of country and beachy sheek. Go ahead and call me crazy for this one, because there are no baby plans in the works. But, I cannot hide my love for this. The cute bedding is just icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake, there is still a huge piece chunk of it in the fridge. I diiiid buy new paper plates today at Target. I could go put a nice very small slice of cake on it. I think I'll do that. Oh, and maybe pour myself a Skinny Girl margarita. My friend Haley introduced me. Delish, especially with a spritz of seltzer and ice. Cheers to our awesome kitchen, my man-sisstant as my friend Lauren dubbed J, and the progress to come!!!


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